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 WWC Warzone Episode 10 Card

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WWC Warzone Episode 10 Card Empty
PostSubject: WWC Warzone Episode 10 Card   WWC Warzone Episode 10 Card EmptySat Aug 20, 2016 2:14 am


WWC Title Match
Shay Hoxton vs. Jason Spade vs. Mathias Grey vs. Zach Smith
Ladder Match
These four former IWE or WWC World Champions are going to be facing off in a ladder match in tonight's Main Event for the WWC World Title that was just vacated by Killian Redd. Shay Hoxton is the only wrestler to have held the World Title in NGCW, IWE, AND WWC. Tonight he looks to regain his WWC World title and prove why he is arguably the top name in the industry by defeating the top talent that WWC has to offer... Jason Spade is the longest reigning WWC Champion. When he lost his WWC Title, he wasn't even pinned. When you think of the WWC Title, you think of Jason Spade, and tonight he looks to outlast his opponents, climb that ladder, and once again become the WWC Champion... Zach Smith is a former IWE World Champion. He has been known to speak his mind, even if it means getting on the bad side of the man in charge whether it be Proudfoot in IWE or Grey in WWC. Tonight he has the chance to do his talking in the ring by defying the odds and becoming the new WWC Champion... Mathias Grey has been on a downward spiral ever since losing control of WWC. But just recently he has gained back that control, and brought two old friends into the mix in Solomon Crews and Angelo Reyes. Is this new leaf of WWC also a chance for Mathias Grey to get out of this recent slump?

Tag Team Match
Angelo Reyes and Solomon Crews vs. Nick Jordan and Cameron Kray
Normal Tag Match
WWC's Tag Team Champions; Cameron Kray and Nick Jordan go up against WWC's newest tag team in a non title match. Mathias Grey has been speaking highly of these two newcomers, but are they good enough to defeat the current champs in their debut match?  

Hardcore Title Match
Dante McCloud vs. Gianluca Martini vs. Ryan Riley vs. JT Allen vs. James Ryder vs. Gary Hawk
Battle Royal, Over the top rope
Dante McCloud has held onto the Hardcore Title for longer than anyone expected. Tonight he has his toughest challenge ahead of him since becoming champion. He has to go up against 5 other men, in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal!! He doesn't even have to be pinned to lose his title!!... Will Gianluca Martini and Ryan Riley's tag team partnership come into play? Will it give them the advantage? Or will the Hardcore Title be too big of a prize to keep the tag team intact tonight?... JT Allen is a former Hardcore Champion, tonight he looks to regain his title against the man who took it from him in the first place... Gary Hawk has yet to see success since joining NGCW or WWC. But tonight he looks to turn that all around by becoming the new Hardcore Champion in this new era of WWC... If James Ryder isn't in the ring or the gym training then he can be found out on the open fields riding his horses. Tonight he looks to ride right into WWC and take the Hardcore Title off of Dante McCloud's shoulders.

Battle of the Monsters
Nightmare vs. Apollyon vs. Mack Nichols vs. Lucas Samuels
Extreme Rules Match
These four monsters look to prove who should truly be feared in WWC. This is an Extreme Rules Match, so anything goes!! And with these four sick minds at work, anything can happen.

Veterans vs. Newcomers Tag Team Match
Jimmy Starr, James Cross, Noah Black vs. Black Adams, Craig Sutton, Matt Crossbones
Normal Tag Match
Three veterans, three newcomers. What more can be said? Adams, Sutton, and Crossbones look to prove their worth against three men who have seen it all from NGCW to IWE to WWC.

WWC Original vs. IWE Original
Damon Wolfe vs. Iron Duke Bishop
Normal Match
Damon Wolfe got his start in WWC, and Iron Duke Bishop first saw success in IWE. Tonight these two look to represent their company as they go one on one.
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WWC Warzone Episode 10 Card
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