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 Warzone Episode 10 Part 3

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Shay Hoxton

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Warzone Episode 10 Part 3 Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Episode 10 Part 3   Warzone Episode 10 Part 3 EmptyThu Sep 01, 2016 6:07 pm

The arena is chanting in excitement after that amazing tag team match. The Ja-son Spade chants are deafening as they wait in anticipation for the main event title ladder match.

The intro to Look Pimpin begins to play, and the deafening support turns into deafening boos, the hate from the crowd can be felt from a mile away.

Mark Murdock
Here comes the man who lied to his fans, who betrayed them, and for what? A petty revenge plot?

Shay Hoxton walks onto the stage in a black robe and his signature glasses. A small dark blue shoulder pad, the same type as his classic jacket, is placed on this plain robe. He makes his way down to the ring like a normal competitor, without his “normal” motions, strange to say the least. He gets into the ring, and wiggles his finger to the beat of the greatest song of all time. Shay asks for the microphone, and the song cuts off.

Shay Hoxton
You know, when I was making my way down to the-

The boos of the fans are so loud, Shay is barely heard. Irritation shows on the drama king's face.

Shay Hoxton
SHUT UP! When your Savior is speaking, you listen!

The boos quiet down, not stopping completely, but at least allowing Shay to be heard.

Shay Hoxton
As I was making my way down to this ring, I realized something. My whole, “The fans are the key to success” ideology, was stupid, plain dumb. You people are so fickle, it's ridiculous. I rose from the ashes, I got my vengeance on the man who broke my knee, and I made sacrifice after sacrifice to do it! Yet, when I return, you not only boo this perfect hero, but you cheer the backstabbing no go assailant! You know, I could sue Jason for assault, and I WOULD win, I could send him to jail!

Shay laughs at the thought.

Shay Hoxton
But no, because due to America's damn eighth amendment, he wouldn't get what he deserves. However, here in the ring, I can give him whatever cruel and unusual punishment I want! I can rip his nails off with a kendo stick, I can hit him in the throat with a baseball bat, I can slide his precious leg into the ladder, and hit it with a sledgehammer, and nobody can stop me!

Shay's sadistic smile changes to a frown.

Shay Hoxton

Well, except for Mathi- “Matt Greyson” and Zach Smith, of course. You see, the big boss knows that given the chance, I could and would end the career of his second biggest star, so he thinks he can send roadblocks at me so that maybe I'll get distracted and spare him.

Shay laughs, and his twisted smirk returns.

Shay Hoxton
Boss, you should've known, I'm just gonna kill all three of them now.

Mark Murdock
This man is absolutely disgusting, Rick.

Rick Dixon
Are you kidding? That’s what I call heart!

The audience's boos return, disgusted at the evil coming from the flamboyant gambler.

Shay Hoxton
WWC was on its last legs due to a partnership with IWE. The toxic rathole almost killed this fine company, and you all cheer the man who claims to be the Savior of IWE, absolutely horrible. Bask in the greatness, that is the Savior to the A-Show, the Savior… to WWC.

Shay removes his robe, revealing to the audience that he is wearing an exact replica to Jason Spade's gear, the only changes being the blue Spades being replaced with blue variants of Shay Hoxton's own logo. Shay basks in the hate given by the crowd, and throws the microphone to the ring crew. He smirks one last time, as the theme of Zach Smith begins to play.

Zach steps on stage, looking at the audience. He raises his hands in the air, making the rocker gesture, and pyro shoots behind him. The crowd cheer as he makes his way to the ring.

Mark Murdock
Here comes Zach Smith! This man had huge success in IWE, beating Matt Greyson for the IWE Championship shortly after his debut!

Rick Dixon
I shut up Mark, we all know that match, just like all of Smith’s career, was nothing more than a big fluke. Here in WWC is where the real big boys play, and until Zach Smith can prove his worth here, a fluke is all I’ll remember him as.

Zach slides under the bottom rope, and listens to audience chant his name. The arena quickly turns red, and the Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked plays.

Rick Dixon
Oh boy! Mark, you want to see a real success? Look in front of you, watch as the COO of WWC comes down to the ring and takes what rightfully his!

The man formerly known as Mathias Grey, Matt Greyson, makes his way to the stage. The crowd boo as the owner of WWC looks at the title hanging above the ring, his title. He walks down the ramp, and a fan throws a cup of soda at him. Matt glares at the fan, and snaps his fingers. Security appears behind the fan, and pulls him away.

Mark Murdock
Ugh, there’s our boss, doing what’s “best for business” apparently…

Rick Dixon
Hey, Mr. Greyson was just assaulted by that fan! We can’t have people like that in our arena!

Mark Murdock
Whatever you say, Rick…

Matt Greyson stands on the apron, and jumps onto the turnbuckle. He smiles to the hateful crowd and raises his arms. Matt jumps into the ring, and glares at his two opponents.

The red arena turns blue as Emperor’s New Clothes begins to play. The crowd erupt and begin chanting for their hero.

Mark Murdock
Oh boy, here he comes!

Rick Dixon groans, but it can barely be heard over the roar of the crowd. A man in a black hood walks on stage, and takes a look at the crowd. He smiles, and pulls down his hood.

Mark Murdock
It’s Jason Spade!

The crowd chant Spade’s name over and over, and the man in blue makes his way  down the aisle. Jason jumps on the apron and begins hyping up the crowd, but is blindsided by a kick to the back of the head from Shay Hoxton.

Mark Murdock
Oh! Shay Hoxton starts this match with a cheapshot!

Rick Dixon
Have you learned nothing, Mark? Shay Hoxton doesn’t fight fair, he fights efficient.

The arena lights turn back to normal, and the bell rings. Zach Smith runs at Shay, attempting to give him a taste of his own medicine, but Matt Greyson grabs Smith by the shoulder, and hits a devastating uppercut. Greyson and Hoxton look at each other and nod.

Mark Murdock
I think these two scumbags have just put a truce in place…

Rick Dixon
Wow, you really don’t learn. A truce is the most efficient way to fight!

Zach Smith attempts to get up, but is kicked in the gut by Matt Greyson. Shay Hoxton exits the ring and grabs a ladder. He runs at Jason Spade, who jumps out of the way and enziguris Shay. Shay catches himself on the barricade so he doesn’t fall, and Jason dropkicks the ladder straight into Hoxton’s chest. Shay falls to the ground, and the camera changes to show Matt Greyson continuing his stomps on Zach Smith. Smith finally grabs Greyson’s foot, and pushes him away. Matt runs at Zach, but is caught by a Lou Thesz Press. Zach begins punching Greyson, and the crowd counts along. “One, two three, four, five!” Smith takes a small breath, and hits Greyson one more time in the jaw.

Mark Murdock
Zach Smith is tired of all the pain and suffering brought to him by Matt Greyson! Damn it most feel good!

Rick Dixon

Feel good?! Zach is attacking his boss! He should be fired!

Matt rolls out of the ring, and Jason Spade throws a ladder into the ring. Jason slides inside, and the two men stare at each other.

Mark Murdock
The former IWE Champion staring off with the former WWC Champion! Can you feel the electricity being shot through the crowd, Rick?

Jason Spade and Zach Smith lock up and begin trading blows. Zach spots something, and pushes himself out of the way. Shay Hoxton jumps back into the brawl, hitting a springboard knee to the back of Jason Spade’s head.

Mark Murdock
That’s the second blind sided attack Shay has performed! Does this man have no honour?

Rick Dixon
No, and apparently you have no mute button.

Zach attempts to end this match with his Smith Kick, but Shay moves out of the way, and while Smith’s legs are spread, hits a devastating roundhouse kick to the groin.

Rick Dixon
Jesus! That's fucked up!

Smith drops to his knees, and Shay looks around. He’s the only man left standing, a golden opportunity. Shay sets up the ladder and begins to climb it. The WWC Championship is within his grasp, but Matt Greyson rolls in and pulls him off the ladder. Shay glares at his temporary partner, and pimp slaps him in the face.

Mark Murdock

Oh! That’s the end of that partnership!

The two men begin to trade blows, and they make it over to the ropes. Jason Spade makes it back to his feet and runs over to the brawling duo. Spade hits both men with a cactus clothesline, sending all three men outside. They all take a moment to catch their breaths, and Jason Spade picks up Matt Greyson, launching him in the steel stairs. Shay Hoxton begins to stand, and is thrown over the barricade and into the crowd. Jason hops over the barricade, and takes one of the steel chairs a fan was sitting on. As Shay attempts to crawls out of the crowd, Jason hits him with a hard shot to the back.

“Oh!” The crowd shout as Jason Spade takes his revenge out on the man who stole his championship. After six chair shots, Spade drops the chair and throws Hoxton over the barricade. He is about to go over the barricade himself, when he looks down at the chair and decides to bring it with him. Back on the floor, Spade is about to hit Shay once more, when he is Superman Punched by Matt Greyson. Matt picks up Jason and suplexes him straight onto the ring apron. The crowd begin to boo at the assault, causing Matt to smile at his haters. He picks Shay Hoxton up, most likely to do the same thing, when both are met with a suicide dive by Zach Smith. Zach jumps up, filled with adrenaline, and woos to the crowd. He sees Jason Spade begin to stir, so Zach jumps on the barricade and launches himself at Spade, hitting a diving tornado DDT.

Mark Murdock

Zach, this is your chance, get that title!

Rick Dixon
Oh god… Anyone but this guy!

Zach Smith rolls into the ring, still hurting from the roundhouse kick but fueled by adrenaline. He begins climbing up the ladder, step by step, and grabs the WWC Championship.

Mark Murdock

Zach Smith has it! All he has to do now is  unhook the title!

Rick Dixon
No… No!

Jason Spade quickly rolls into to ring and grabs Smith’s leg.

Rick Dixon
Yes! I never thought I’d be happy to see Jason Spade!

As Jason pulls down, Zach Smith’s other leg get caught in the rung of the ladder. Spade gets an idea, and puts Smith’s other leg inside the ladder as well.

Mark Murdock

What is Jason Spade doing?

Jason grabs Zach’s head.

Rick Dixon
Isn’t it obvious, Matt?

Jason Spade hits the DDT he calls the Laingsburg Lobotomy, planting Zach Smith straight on his head.

Mark Murdock

Oh my god! Jason Spade just killed Zach Smith!

Jason begins to climb to ladder himself, but sees Shay and Greyson standing up. Jason hops off the ladder, and invites them in for a fight. As the two roll in, Jason attempts to beat them down, but is overpowered by the numbers game. Shay and Matt continue to strike Jason, when Shay looks up at his boss and speaks to him.

Rick Dixon
What’s going on here?

Shay hits the bent over Jason Spade in the mouth, and the two men move over to Zach Smith. Shay moves behind Smith, and Greyson positions himself in front. As Zach begins to stand, Matt Greyson hits a Superman punch, knocking Zach Smith into Shay Hoxton’s arms. Shay locks in Zach’s leg, and hits the Regal-plex.

Mark Murdock
21! 21! Jesus! It’s got to be over now!

Shay looks down at the hurt Jason Spade, who is also beginning to stand, and the two bullies attempt the same attack. As Matt hits the Superman Punch, Jason Spade ducks, causing him to hit Shay Hoxton instead. Shay rolls out of the ring, and Mathias gives a quick look of  shock. He runs over to hit the Superman Punch once more, but is kicked in the gut while midair. Jason points a handgun at Greyson with his fingers, and bounces off the ropes, kneeing his boss straight in the face.

Mark Murdock
Jason Spade with the lawbreaker! Greyson is out cold! Go Jason, go!

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Warzone Episode 10 Part 3
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