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 Warzone Episode 1 Card

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Mathias Grey

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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptySun May 01, 2016 1:02 am

Spoilers from the PPV below..

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Zach Smith

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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptySun May 01, 2016 1:48 am

Zach Smith is shown walking in a park along a path the IWE championship on his shoulder as the cameraman catches up to him Smith had just finished taking a few pictures and signing a few autographs with a group of fans the camera follows him as he continues to walk on

At WWC Synergy i was in a handicap match with Apollyon and Nightmare that i unfortunately lost even though i put on as much as a fight i could while i get that it was a handicap match i still wish i won i still put up a good fight but now ... i look on to the future where next week i fight Jimmy Starr a man who in NGCW i had alot of respect for but now here in WWC i must fight well i do know this isn't IWE this IS still a match where i am a fighting champion and i have to prove that this belt belongs in MY hands .. i'm not out for the count no i'm in for the long haul

Smith gives a thumbs up to the camera as he starts to walk away while the screen fades to black
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Shay Hoxton

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Age : 29

Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptySun May 01, 2016 1:27 pm

The camera comes in to a Reno neighborhood, showing three buildings side by side. To the left is a warehouse with "HOXTEIN" spray painted on the door. Centerfold lays the infamous Hoxton Household with a small sign saying "IWE Headquarters" on it. Finally to the right is a Strip Club. The camera zooms in to IWE Headquarters, when it quickly jerks over to the Club. We pan in to see Shay Hoxton, NGCW Heavyweight Extreme Champion, IWE General Manager, and WWC Championship number one contender Shay Hoxton sitting at the bar with a bright fruity drink in hand.

Howdy, I expanded.

Shay turns towards the camera and sets his drink down.

Gotta spend money to make money, and woo girl, make that money! For every bet I lose, which so far is zero, I can make it back like-

Shay snaps. He removes his shades and shows off his pink suit.

Now this week I go one and one on one and one. Me and Noah Black vs Jason Spade and Mathias Grey... WWC Chump and CEO vs IWE Tag Team Champs including IWE GM. That's actually a pretty cool coincidence, you know, if it even is one.

Shay takes a sip of his drink.

To be honest, I don't know why Mathias is even in this match. What, is Spade too big of a bitter lil bitch to work with Jimmy Starr?

Shay immediately realizes he made a mistake.

Oh crap... I've known Jason Spade for a long time... I've ROYALY fucked up... I've wasted everyone's time, of COURSE he's too big of a bitter lil bitch, Spade is always and bitter lil bitch.

Shay takes another drink.

I'm pretty sure he's slightly emo too, but that's none of my business.. BACK ON TOPIC! Mathias and Starr are buddies, but are Jason and Mathias buddies? May not be. Will Mathias want to help get revengance for his friend after what Spade said about him on Twitter? Maybe. Point is, it's a team if maybe, and in the Tag Team Division, maybe doesn't equal gold! Now look at us, buddies, common enemies, equal skill... For the most part, and all around Superiority. Ah yes, the Superior Talent Division has got to have the odds in our favor, because we have all the cards. Spade and Grey MAY have a flush, MAY, but STD definitely has a Full House. Spade and Grey MIGHT have a nice yatzee of threes, but we have a yatzee six. Spade and Grey COULD have a 20, but we have strippers. Any way you cut the deck, the cards are in our favor, and it would take a deal hat trick for it to go any other way. That right there sounds like a bet, but it's not, it's a guarantee. #STDPride.

Shay holds up his hands like a hashtag and gives the camera a smirk. The camera fades to black.
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Jimmy Starr

Jimmy Starr

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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptySun May 01, 2016 11:35 pm

The camera starts off strong with a loud "slap" directly to the lens... except the slap to the lens makes the sound one would expect a slap to skin to make. The camera inverts and zooms out to reveal Jimmy Starr laying in a hospital bed.

Jimmy Starr: What the... what the devil?

A hospital aide, presumably the man who slapped Starr--that's an interesting tactic to wake someone up--begins speaking.

Aide: Hey, uh... Jimmy! You're awake! We really didn't know when you would... if ever...

Jimmy Starr: What in the bloody hell are you talking about?

Starr reaches for his nuts.

Jimmy Starr: And why the blue devil does my nutsack feel as if it was violated by the legs of a horse?

Aide: Well, let's just say... I have a lot to tell you.

The aide puts his hand on Starr's shoulder and the screen cuts to black. Seemingly some time in the future, the cameras return as Starr is now sitting upright.

Jimmy Starr: So, you mean to tell me that... I'm a pro wrestler?

Aide: Yes, among other things.

Jimmy Starr: And another wrestler touched my big boy parts?

Aide: Mhm.

Jimmy Starr: And because of that match, which was total bullshit, I'm broker than a teen mom?

Aide: I don't see any evidence to the contrary.

Jimmy Starr: I don't know how to feel about this. It's a lot to take in.

Aide: It is a lot to bare. Let it settle in a little bit--wouldn't want you too stressed.

Jimmy Starr: Who the hell do you think you are? Dr. Phil?

Aide: Well, no, but--

Jimmy Starr: But nothing! Shut the fuck up, little bitch. Thinking you can tell me what's what. The only thing more full of shit than you is your Christmas stocking when Santa takes a fucking dump because you aren't even worth a pile of coal you little scumbag. Fuck out of here!

The aide wisps himself away. Starr collects his thought.

Jimmy Starr: Wow, sounds like I threw down some, uh, serious cash on that match. Most people would count their fortunes lost... Me? I'm the finest example of a money-maker. I'm innovative. I've apparently spat some money down the tubes but fuck it. It'll all be back next week. Monetize some assets, accrue some capital, buy some stocks, sell some stocks, my accounts will skyrocket in no time.

Starr smiles.

Jimmy Starr: Soon, I'll have enough money to buy WWC itself. But hey, who's to say I'd even want it? On the other hand..

Evil laugh.

Screen fades out.

jimmy starr motherfucker
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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptyMon May 02, 2016 12:41 am

-Camera Flashes Highlights of Synergy-
-Based around Jordan suplexing Killian Redd and it ends with the German Suplex off the top rope-
-Jordan is sitting down with his glasses, mask, and hoodie with his IC title on the shoulder-

Killian, Killian, Killian....I told you what was gonna happen , you obviously decided not to listen and now I am officially done with you
- Jordan makes a checkmark signal with his hands-

Now it's time to take out more people in my path, my path that will lead me to my destiny, and who is next? You might ask? JT Allen, the women beater himself. Now JT I dont know if youve heard but im pretty good. And Im the best in the world, and i am going to suplex you until you can't move anymore and you will regret ever stepping into the ring with me. Just ask Killian it doesn't feel good with me throwing you from the top rope with the force of 100 men. So if I were you, get prepared because Suplex Transit has another stop and its you.
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Cameron Kray

Posts : 26
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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptyMon May 02, 2016 1:38 am

*The camera pans to Cameron sitting at his desk. His hands clasped and his face full of anger*

Now I can make up all the excuses I want. I was prepared for a Casket match. Things happened and it changed to a Tables match. And somehow JT Allen got the win. He was lucky enough to put me through a table. Despite the fact I had him beat. But you know what..........

*Fists slams on the desk and Cameron stares a hole through the barrel of the camera*

That...... Is fine. JT can go play in the kiddies pool for the Intercontinental Title. I already got a title which is sitting comfortably in my safe. But I got my sights set on something else. Something to join my Hardcore 24/7 Championship. And Killian, your the first person stopping me from reaching my goal. I'm sorry Killian. I am so so sorry. But what I do to you this week, it's not your fault. Blame all of the pain I inflict on JT Allen.
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Jason Spade

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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptyMon May 02, 2016 1:26 pm

The camera clicks on, Jason Spade walking into frame with a smile.

"Today is a good day. I feel fantastic. Last night I got more sleep than I've gotten all week... The night before I spent some time celebrating with some good friends of mine. And Saturday? I finally realized my potential. My birthright... I finally won this."

Spade unzips his hoodie and reveals the WWC Championship around his waist.

"Perhaps not as prestigious as the NGCW or IWE championships, this is a big step for me nonetheless... Because now Chris Proudfoot and Eric Pierce are gonna see exactly what would've happened to them had I been given the chance I rightfully deserved. This title signifies more than a victory... It signifies that as of right now, I am the best that WWC has to offer. Not Killian Redd, not Shay Hoxton and especially not Noah Black. Me.

"And speaking of Hox, listen up... We never got to finish our score back in NGCW, but now we most definitely will. And this week, you're going to get a preview of exactly what's gonna happen to you once we step in the ring one-on-one. Bang."

Spade raises the title up to the camera with one hand and shoots it with a finger gun, the video feed then fading to black.
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Killian Redd

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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card EmptyTue May 03, 2016 4:32 pm

*Camera shows Killian in the gym. He is bench pressing a lot of weights. He does one more press and puts the bar on the rack. He stands up and grabs a towel. He wipes the sweat off and walks towards the camera*

(Killian) I'm done with this shit. I'm fucking done losing. I'm a fucking former UFC Undisputed Champion. I am the best competitor in WWC. I am going to start hitting the gym. A lot. I'm going to get bigger. No one throws me around like that. I am Killian Motherfucking Redd. I am not someones fucking dummy. I'm coming back for that title when I get bigger. Nick doesn't know what he's just did, but it isn't good. WWC better watch me because I'm about to unleash a storm no one was prepared for.

*Killian turns back around and goes back bench pressing.*
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Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 1 Card   Warzone Episode 1 Card Empty

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Warzone Episode 1 Card
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