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 Warzone Episode 8

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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 2:18 pm

Matt Crossbones vs Blake Adams

Jessica Douglas vs Bianca Smith

Mister Amazing vs Craig Sutton

The Savors vs ???

#1 Contender for the IC title
Killian Redd w/ Kaitelyn Vouchon vs Jimmy Starr

Chris Proudfoot vs Shay Hoxton

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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyMon Aug 08, 2016 7:07 pm

Camera comes on to show Killian and Kaitelyn on a date at some fancy restaurant.

Man, I heard this place was good, but shit, it got a whole a lot better with you here.

Baby, you already got me. You don't need to say that stuff anymore.

I know, but sometimes a beautiful girl like you needs to hear that she is gorgeous.

As the waiter come back the food. Killian goes to kiss Kaitelyn not realizing the waiter is Nick Jordan. Nick hits Killian on the head with the serving tray. As Redd stands up he is hit with a german suplex through the table he was at and Kaitelyn tries help Killian, but she is tossed to the side by Nick. Nick gets on top of Killian in a full mount position and pummels Killian's face.

You cost me my championship and stole my girlfriend. This isn't over.

Police officers show up and pull Jordan off of Killian and force him to the ground and hand cuffs him. They pick him up and start taking him to the car.

There's a lot more coming to you Killian. You're going to wish that you never fucked me over.

Killian begins to stand up and he goes to attack Nick, but Kaitelyn stops him.

I'm going to fuck him up. That no good piece of shit attacks me from behind on my fucking night.

Relax, babe, he is gone he can't bother us for a long time now.

Kaitelyn kisses Killian and the camera goes out.
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Chris Proudfoot

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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 1:01 am

Chris Proudfoot is in his home back in Hamilton, Enjoying a Bagel. He appears to be on the phone with someone

Thanks for the support man, Yeah.. Oh trust me brother. I know you got my back. We're gonna beat up Shay Hoxton And Jason Spade. That much is a fact. Yeah man you too, Enjoy the date. Wrap it up, Remember she used to be with Nick Jordan for christs sake.

Proudfoot finishes his bagel and lights a smoke, he looks into the camera and begins to speak. Presumably to the WWC Fans. Hopefully not to himself because then he's completely lost it.

You know Shay... There is one thing I don't get about you. The Greed.

You had No Reason to cost me the WWC Championship. No reason to run in. We all knew I was going to do what I do best. Beat Up Jason Spade, capture my first Main Title. Then here comes Shay Hoxton to ruin it all. I made your boyhood dream come true Shay, You are the Current IWE Champion. But still the greed sets in and you have to cost me My shot?

I let you get your revenge on Spade, you eliminated him from the Hail to the King Tournament. I gave you that chance. That opportunity, then you come here... You come here and take mine.

Proudfoot inhales and exhales his smoke

You have no idea what that match meant to me, No Idea how much this mattered. You've been to the top of the mountain. But me, this was my shot, my big break. After months and months of beating up Jason Spade in non-title matches, being the greatest tag team competitor NGCW and WWC has ever seen. I get my shot at the gold, and here comes Shay Hoxton to ruin it. Just like in NGCW, After all the hard work. The determination, winning NGCW Tag Team of the Year. I finally win the Brawl Match, I get the chance to challenge for the Championship at Onslaught, a championship you were holding at the time. But once again it was taken from me...

So Shay, This coming week at WarZone. I'm going to do to you exactly what I would of done at Onslaught back in NGCW. I'm going to kick your ass, I'm going to beat you, Do exactly what I did to your lackeys "The House of Cards" No more shitting in your crappy apartment, No more games, Just me and you. One on One, Shay Hoxton vs Chris Proudfoot. After I beat you Shay, And I will. I'm going to Beat Up Jason Spade, and finally take my spot on the top of the mountain. That's not a Fact, It's a Guarantee.

Proudfoot finishes his smoke as the camera fades out
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Shay Hoxton

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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 2:19 am

The camera comes in to Shay Hoxton wearing the same brown attire he wore as Dallas Chains in the same Houston location. The white mask hangs on his IWE belt as Shay walks on the gravel road.

Welcome, ladies and lasses, to Hoxtein: Houston. We've expanded, be happy.

Shay quietly laughs to himself.

That is, of course, unless you're Chris Proudfoot. You see Chris, I hate you.

One, two, three seconds go by of just Shay staring into the camera.

What? Did you expect more? No, dude, I hate you. Simple as that. Yes, I hate Jason Spade much more, but I still hate you. I hate you, I hate your little buddy Killian Redd, I hate your little company IWE, and I hate your guts. I hate the fact that I have to be the Champion to a second rate show, I hate the fact that you of all people get the title shot to the better of the two before I do, and I hate the fact that you think you would ever stand toe to toe with me. You are pathetic, no two ways around it.

Shay removes his IWE Championship and lays it on his shoulder.

Chris, I know you love your little show, but obviously you don't pay very good attention. You praise people like Matt Fury, Chris Xander, Crimson Nightmare, Chris Aaron, nobodies who couldn't sell a T-shirt to a homeless man. Meanwhile, you trash talk not only your Champion, but the man who brings ratings to IWE. Are you forgetting? IWE died when I left, and it only was revived after I returned. I am the life force to your little show, and you either too blind or too stupid to appreciate it. I'm being a complete asshole, Chris, and my stock with the fans have gone up! I can say anything, I can do anything, and you can't do anything about it, because without me, IWE is nothing, and without IWE, you're nothing.

Shay raises his hand, mimicking a puppet master.

You're nothing but my plaything, Chris, nothing but my bitch. You think you deserve a title shot? Obviously, I disagree, and what are you going to do about it? Don't you see? You're stepping in the ring with the IWE life support, and obviously I became that man for a reason. You stand no chance, Chris, and even if you win via some rollup or bull crap like that, you're just pulling the plug on your baby. I have you in a corner, Chris, and I'm calling for the check mate. Go ahead, try something, are you willing to risk the repercussions? Are you willing to take out the only reason to watch the knock off NGCW, hell, the knock off WWC at this point, are you?

Shay drops the Championship on the dusty ground.

I know everything you've worked for is nothing but garbage, and you know it's garbage, but you know as much as you do that it's still your pride and joy. Don't forget, Proudfoot, I've already proven that I'm the guy who tells the garbage truck to avoid your house, so don't stick your nose in my business, or I'll end you, and your baby, again, and that's not a bet, it's a guarantee.

Shay, walks away, leaving his title on the ground.


Shay walks back.

I almost forgot my belt buckle.

Hoxton picks up his IWE Title and wraps it around his waist. Shay lowers his glasses and grins into the camera. The camera fades to black.
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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyTue Aug 09, 2016 7:25 am

Jordan is seen in a bar drinking, 24 hours after being let out of police custody

That Motherfucker is gonna get what comes to him......

Jordan puts his drink down and picks up his phone and dials a number

Hey......yeah I know, it's all over the news....No I don't blame you

Jordan continues to have a conversation with someone on the phone until's time, they won't even know whats gonna hit them. You know who to go get, its time to make a statement my friend

Jordan hangs up the phone, finishes his drink and leaves the bar
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Mathias Grey

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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 EmptyThu Aug 11, 2016 7:56 pm

We are shown a room void of light. After a few moments of silence we hear a match being lit, the dim light from the match reveals the face of none other than Mathias Grey from his hiding place in the shadows.

One Sheep... Two Sheep... Three Sheep... Four Sheep...

Mathias chuckles to himself.

That's what you're told to do when you can't sleep, right? Count sheep... Well... The funny thing is... You ARE the sheep... And you ARE asleep.. It's my job to wake you up. I'm here to raise your heads, open your eyes, and show you the world for what it truly is., It's time to WAKE UP!!!

Mathias begins to pace.

I've been watching from the shadows.. Waiting... But no longer.. No.. It is time.. Time for you to realize your true power.. Time for you to realize that the sheep outnumber the wolves.... All you need is a little push..

The flame from the match burns out, engulfing the room in darkness once again.. A set of new voices can be heard from the shadows

Fear Us...

Follow Us...

The choice is yours.....
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Warzone Episode 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 8   Warzone Episode 8 Empty

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Warzone Episode 8
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