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 WWC Warzone Episode 10 Results PART 1

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Mathias Grey

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WWC Warzone Episode 10  Results PART 1 Empty
PostSubject: WWC Warzone Episode 10 Results PART 1   WWC Warzone Episode 10  Results PART 1 EmptyTue Aug 30, 2016 3:15 pm

WWC Warzone's theme blares from the PA System signalling the start of the tenth episode of Warzone.

WWC Warzone Episode 10  Results PART 1 3214875456_719de94c6f_z

Rick Dixon
Ladies and gentleman, Rick Dixon here!!. We are live here from Portland, Oregon. And boy am I excited to be here commentating the tenth episode of Warzone. If you're wondering who I am, well, I was hired on as the new WWC Commentator by the new WWC C.O.O..

The crowd grows silent as the new theme plays. The silence turn to boos as Mathias Grey walks out to the stage.

Rick Dixon
Well.. Speak of the devil himself. Ladies and gentleman, it's the new COO of WWC.. Mathias Grey!!

Mark Murdock
But what is he doing with the WWC Title??

Mathias Grey makes his way out to the stage with a smug smirk upon his face, and the WWC Title around his shoulder. He is also wearing a pair of red sunglasses, very similar to the ones that Shay Hoxton wears. He adjusts the collar of the expenisve suit that he has on before making his way down the ramp, much to the crowds displeasure, which they are more than willing to be vocal about.

Mark Murdock
Ladies and gentleman, Mark Murdock also here, my commentating partner was so caught up in the moment that he must have forgot to introduce me. Isn't that right Rick?

Rick Dixon
Who cares that you're here Mark. Look at the stage! It's Mathias Grey!! You should feel luck to just be graced by the presence of the WWC COO, let alone be lucky enough to hear him speak.

Sure enough Mathias Grey has a mic in his hand. His theme comes to a close as he raises the mic, but is cut off by the sea of boos from the crowd. Mathias smirks and puts the mic back down to his side as the crowd continues to vocalize their hatred towards Grey.

Mark Murdock
Hey Rick, it looks like you're the only one here excited to see Mathias Grey.

The crowd's boos drown out just long enough for Mathias to raise the mic and begin to speak.

Mathias Grey
Ladies and gentleman.. Turn those frowns upside down, because the rumors are indeed true!!! Mathias Grey is once again the COO of WWC!!

Mathias Grey beams out into the crowd, only to be met with a boo. He smiles and continues, not phased by the crowd's feelings towards him.

Mathias Grey
That's right!! You know Doggles? Glasses for dogs? Well it was invented by a couple in California, and I was one of the first major investors of the product. I forgot all about it, but apparently Doggles are selling off the shelves now, and my investment paid off, big time. Enough to buy out WWC, become it's new COO, and well.. Let's just say that I still have money to spare.. Like a lot.. So.. Needless to say, I won't be having to act crazy just to get your attention. I'm the COO now. I'm the boss. I have the power. I have the money. I don't need to play pretend anymore just to try to gain popularity in your eyes. No, no longer. No more climbing the mountain. I'm at the top of the mountain once again, and this time I'm here to stay!!

Mathias pauses just long enough for the crowd to start a "You Suck" chant.

Mathias Grey
I don't care what you think. Chant what you want. It doesn't matter!! I'm the COO!! And your chants and your boos can do nothing to change it!!!

Mathias begins to pace on the stage as he looks at the WWC Title sitting on his shoulder.

Mathias Grey
Now that I have money, now that I have power.. I don't have to pretend anymore. I don't have to put on a show for you people any longer. I can just be the real me.. No more "crazy" Mathias Grey.. No more "actor" Mathias Grey.. As a matter of fact.. No more "Mathias Grey"..

Mark Murdock
No more Mathias Grey??

Mathias Grey
No.. From now on I'm going by my real name... Matt Greyson.

Mark Murdock
Wow.. Can you belive it? Mathias Grey will no longer be going by that name any longer!! He is now... Matt Greyson!! What do you think about that Rick?

Rick Dixon
I couldn't be happier!! This is a new chapter for not only WWC but also for Matt Greyson, and we get a front row seat!!!

Matt Greyson
Now, you're all probably wondering why I'm holding this title? Well, as you all know Killian Redd had to leave the wrestling industry for the time being to deal with some personal matters.. And he agreed to give up the WWC Title, which means that we currently have no champion. Now I thought about just crowning myself champion on account of being awesome, but that didn't seem like the right thing to do, the smart thing maybe.. So.. Tonight's main event will be for the WWC Title!! And it will be a ladder match!!

The crowd gives off a loud cheer

Matt Greyson
And I will be in it!!

The crowd's cheers turn to boos.

Matt Greyson
As well as Jason Spade!!!

The crowd lets out a cheer

Matt Greyson
Shay Hoxton!!!

The crowd's cheers once again turn to boos.

Matt Greyson
Zach Smith...

Even though Matt announced Zach's with zero enthusiasm, the crowd lets out a huge cheer.

Matt Greyson
Oh shut up, he's not that good.... Anyways, that's tonight's Main Event.. But first, we have Damon Wolfe taking on.... This man...

Iron Duke Bishop makes his way out to the stage, he shakes Mathias Grey's hand as they pass eachother on the ramp. Grey makes his way to the back as Iron Duke Bishop walks up the ring steps, climbs over the ropes, and enters the middle of the ring.

Rick Dixon
Now there's a man not afraid to get into a fight, look at the size of the guy, I'm glad that I don't have to step in the ring with him!!!

Mark Murdock
That may be true, but if there's anyone who has the courage to step in the ring with a giant like Bishop, it's Damon Wolfe. Since debuting here in WWC Damon has defeated some of the top veterans that we have to offer, Chris Proudfoot included. He's gone into most of his matches as the under dog, but was still able to come out victorious. Let's see if he'll be able to walk away with another upset here tonight!!

Wolfe is in the ring now, he glances towards Bishop before taking off his entrance attire jacket and throwing it out of the ring.


Mark Murdock
And this one is under way!!

Bishop doesn't waste any time, charging at his opponent, but Wolfe is able to roll out of the grasp of the giant. The two continue to play cat and mouse for a few more moments until Bishop is able to back Wolfe into a corner. He delivers a huge forearm and follows it up by ramming his shoulders into Wolfe's midesection a few times. The ref gets inbetween the two, forcing Bishop to back off, but Bishop quickly charges at Wolfe, looking to spear him, but is only met with the turnbuckle as Wolfe is able to dodge out of the way.

Rick Dixon
Wolfe's lucky he got out of the way of that spear!!

Wolfe now has Bishop backed in the corner. He connects with a few well placed kicks before Bishop is able to shove him off. Wolfe falls back towards the middle of the ring but is quickly back on his feet and charging towards Iron Duke once again.

Mark Murdock
What a corner dropkick by Wolfe!!!

Bishop is still on his feet after the corner dropkick. He begins to stumble towards the middle of the ring, dazed from the well connected dropkick. Wolfe is now on the top turnbuckle looking down at Bishop as the crowd begins to buzz in anticipation. Wolfe leaps and connects with a huge diving dropkick!!

Mark Murdock
Bishop is down!!

Wolfe goes for the pin...1......Kick Out!! Wolfe doesn't give Bishop a chance to get to his feet, delivering a few kicks and knees to the downed Bishop. He then picks Bishop up and irish whips him against the ropes. Bishop rebounds off of the ropes and ducks a clothesline. Bishop runs the ropes and charges at Wolfe, connecting with a big boot!!! Bishop then follows it up with a huge leg drop on the downed Wolfe. He goes for the pin...1.. Kick out!!

Mark Murdock
Wow!! What a huge boot from Bishop!! That looked like it hurt!! But Wolfe isn't ready to give in yet!! We'll be back after this commercial break!!!

[spoiler]Mark Murdock
And we're back ladies and gentleman!! During the commercial break Iron Duke Bishop was able to take the advantage..

We are shown a replay of Bishop hitting a huge clothesline to Wolfe, which sent him flying over the ropes and onto the floor. The replay cuts to Bishop throwing Wolfe against the barricade on the outside, then cuts to him doing the same against the ring post. We then cut to a final replay of Bishop Powerbombing Wolfe onto the steel steps!!

Rick Dixon
Wolfe has heart. But I doubt that even he can come back from this!!!

Back in the ring Wolfe is slowly getting to his feet as Bishop stalks him, waiting to strike.


Mark Murdock
Welcome back folks!! We have Craig Sutton, Blake Adams, and Matt Crossbones in the ring set for their match. They're looking to prove themselves against some of the top veterans of this buisness. So far Noah Black and James Cross have made it out to the stage from the Veterans Team, we're just waiting on one more.

Cross and Black are standing outside of the ring as they wait for their final tag team partner to enter, the three rookies are in the ring talking amonst eachother and looking cocky, clearly showing no respect for the veterans.

Rick Dixon
Here he is!!! Jimmy Starr!!

Jimmy makes his way out to the stage with a mic in one hand and a lawn chair in another. He is wearing his old-school purple attire as well as a pair of purple sunglasses, just like the ones that Shay Hoxton usually wears.

{{Jimmy Starr}}
So, what do we have here?? Black Adam? Matt Crosseyes? And Craig Something?.. Really? This is who Matt decided to put me against?.. Matt Greyson.. I was wondering when he'd start going by that name again. I knew Matt before he was "Mathias Grey". Heck, he knew me before I was "Jimmy Starr", however that's a story best left untold for now.. Anyways, clearly Matt had a lot on his mind when he was booking this weeks card, because everyone here knows that those three nobodies standing in the ring have less talent combined then James, Noah, and I posses in our pinky fingers alone...

The crowd gives off a "ohhhh"

{{Jimmy Starr}}
So.. I'm just going to sit here..

Jimmy unfolds the lawn chair and places it next to the ring.

{{Jimmy Starr}}
And enjoy this two on three match.. Because trust me kids, Noah and James can beat you on their own..

Jimmy turns around and looks at Noah and James.

{{Jimmy Starr}}
Go get em boys!!

Jimmy turns back towards the ring and smirks. James and Noah look at each other and nod. They walk up towards Jimmy, each take one of his shoulders, and throw him into the ring!!

Mark Murdock
Ha!! It looks like Noah and James didn't take too kindly to Jimmy thinking that he could just boos them around like that!!

Crossbones, Blake, and Craig immediatly attack their prey like a hungry pack of wolves. They deliver stomp after stomp to Jimmy before finally backing off. Crossbones goes and picks Jimmy up and irish whips him right into a drop kick by Blake!! Craig then picks Starr up and irish whips him right into a huge clothesline by Crossbones!!! Blake then picks Jimmy up and shoves him towards the ropes. Craig then delivers a clothesline, sending Starr over the ropes and onto the floor!!! Noah Black grabs the mic that Jimmy dropped.

Noah Black
You're right Jimmy, we don't need your help!!

Black slides into the ring as Cross hops up onto the ring apron. Blake and Craig go to the apron as Crossbones stays in the ring as the bell signals for the match to start.

Mark Murdock
And here we go!!

The two lock up, Crossbones is able to back Black up a few steps but Noah quickly is able to slip around Matt and lock his arms around his waist before delivering a german suplex!!

Mark Murdock
Wow!! What a German Suplex by Noah Black!! I hope his neck is okay after that!!

Crossbones leaps towards the apron and tags Blake in. He charges at Noah and swings with a huge clothesline, but Black is able to duck it. Black connects with a few elbows to the temple before hitting a huge belly to belly suplex!!

Mark Murdock
That's why Noah Black is a veteran!!

Blake crawls to his feet and tags Craig in!! Craig charges at Black only to be met with a knee to the gut followed by a huge uppercut!! Noah taunts as the crowd cheers him on!! Crossbones and Blake rush into the ring and take Noah down out of frustration!! They begin to deliver elbows and knees to the downed Black before James Cross is able to come to the aid of his tag team partner. He connects with a knee to the temple of Blake before throwing him out of the ring. He then dodges a punch from Crossbones and connects with three of his own. He then backs up before charging, clotheslining Crossbones out of the ring!! Before he is able to turn around Craig elbows him from behind and delivers a huge dropkick to the back of the head, sending Cross out of the ring. Craig then goes and pins Black..1...2. Kick Out!!

Mark Murdock
Wow!! What a match so far!! Black and Cross have been able to hold their own. But for how much longer can they hold up before the numbers come into play!! We'll find out after this commercial break!!

We return and see Crossbones powerbombing James Cross.

Mark Murdock
Welcome back folks. During the commercial break the newcomers have shown their dominance, not letting Black or Cross get in any offense.. Ohh, and it looks like Crossbones is setting James Cross up!!

James Cross slowly gets to his feet as Crossbones stalks his prey. Just as Crossbones is about to unleash his finishing move, Cross is able to roll out of the way and leap towards Noah Black, tagging him in!!

Mark Murdock
And here comes Noah Black!!

Noah charges, taking Crossbones down with a knee to the face!! He then runs the ropes and connects with a huge clothesline!! He gets Crossbones back to his feet and irish whips him into the corner!! He then charges, connecting with a corner clothesline before hitting a German Suplex!!!

Mark Murdock

Crossbones slowly gets to his feet, only to be hit with a Black Out!!! Noah goes for the pin only to have it broken up by both Blake and Craig!! James Cross charges into the ring and double clotheslines Craig and Blake out of the ring, sending himself along with them!!! The crowd goes wild as Noah Black waits for Crossbones to get back to his feet, looking to hit the Fade to Black!!!


I'm backstage here with James Ryder. James, tonight you make your debut against five other men in a battle royal. What are your thoughts on the match?

James is wearing a cowboy hat, black jean jacket, and black cowboy boots. He sips from a beer before talking in his southern accent.

[[James Ryder]]
From what I've heard, Dante McCloud has held that Hardcore title for too long. So I figure tonight, I'm going to walk out to that ring, throw him and all those other jokes out of that ring, and walk out the new and improved Hardcore Champion.

What brought you to WW-

James snatche the mic from the Interviewers hand

[[James Ryder]]
Now I'm just going to stop you right there. You see, one thing that didn't bring me to WWC was the idea of being asked a bunch of stupid questions. Now if you were a pretty women I wouldn't mind having you just stand there with the mic in your hand while I talked. But seeing as you're not, well, if you know what's best for you then you'd better get movin' partner.

The interviewer quickly scurries away. James looks into the camera.

[[James Ryder]]
My name is James Ryder.. I drink beer, I fuck women, and I fight.. Oh I love to fight. That's why I came here to the WWC. To fight. The bars out south are just too.. Well, let's just say there isn't enough competition left standing!! So I came here to find someone who can finally give me a run for my money. Dante McCloud, Gianluca Martini, Ryan Riley, JT Allen, Gary Hawk.. Maybe one of you can be the first one to say that they bested James Ryder in a fight... Maybe not... We'll see..
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WWC Warzone Episode 10 Results PART 1
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