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 WWC Warzone Week 2 Results

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Mathias Grey

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WWC Warzone Week 2 Results Empty
PostSubject: WWC Warzone Week 2 Results   WWC Warzone Week 2 Results EmptyThu Apr 07, 2016 4:46 am

The camera comes in to the WWC crowd in Toronto Canada, cheering wildly for the exciting new company.

WWC Warzone Week 2 Results WWE%20opening

So many great matches set for tonight, Noah Black vs Cameron Kray, JT Allen vs Iron Duke Bishop, Zach Smith vs Killian Redd, and especially the main event between hometown hero Chris Proudfoot and the shady fan favorite Shay Hoxton.

The theme of the infamous gambler, Look Pimpin, plays and he walks out - met to half the crowd cheering and half the crowd jeering. “Twenty-One!” “Out-of-luck!” “Twenty-One!” “Out-of-luck!” Shay’s previously red hair has been returned to his lovey black, and he wears white slacks, a white blazer, and a black tie. The shirtless show-off makes his way down to the ring and does a pose not seen done by Hoxton before. The lighting in the area flashes gray and white as pyro shoots off behind him. Shay kicks up into his normal position and his music stops. A microphone is thrown into the hands of Hoxton.

Shay Hoxton
Hello ladies and lasses! Welcome to the show of shows, the night where we end the crappy wrestling Blight, and the day where the world will stand together chatting “Shay! Shay! Shay!”

Once more, the crowd gives a mix of cheers and boos.

Shay Hoxton
Now rhyming is fun, but that's not why I'm out here tonight. No no no, I'm out to talk about one man, one man that you all know the name of.

The crowd, every last member, chants “Proud-Foot” in unison. Shay laughs at the love for the local drunk.

Shay Hoxton
Damn right you know his name. He and I have an… odd relationship to say the least. He and I fought during that whole HOC charade, but we became drinking buddies after I won the Brawl Series. We were in the Syndicate together, and a week later we were at each other's throats. One second, he's calling me the face of IWE, the next, he screws me over every chance he possibly has. Look at it however you want, but the way I see it, Chris and I are buddies.

Shay waits a second.

Shay Hoxton
But it will feel sooo good to kick his ass.

The mixed responses return.

Shay Hoxton
Will Proudfoot win? Will I win? I don't know, but what I do know, is that half of the crowd-

Shay points to the booing side of the audience.

Shay Hoxton
Will leave unhappy. Honestly, that seems like a personal problem. Now I could spend all day and night giving off an onslaught of insults, but despite the rhyme, this is WWC, and we don't spend the first thirty minutes of the show talking, so let's get to the show! Lights, camera, bloodshed! All that and more, and that's not a bet, it's a guarantee!

Shay throws his microphone out of the ring and sinks in the praise (and hate). Look Pimpin blasts through the arena as the camera fades into to black.

Zach Smith's theme blares throughout the packed stadium. It's greeted with a wave of cheers.

Mark Murdock
Ladies and gentleman welcome back!! Here comes Zach Smith, the IWE World Champion!! Mathias Grey won the Main Event Fatal Four Way, but Zach Smith cashed in his World Title Shot right after the match and was able to defeat Grey and win the title!!!

The crowd's cheers become almost deafening once Smith enters the stage, IWE Title in hand. He holds the Title high in the air, causing the crowd to cheer even louder than before.

Mark Murdock
Now tonight he has the chance to guarantee himself a spot in the first ever IC Title Match!! The winner of tonight's match is guaranteed to be in the IC Title match during out first ever WWC PPV!!!

Zach Smith is in the ring, on the top turnbuckle soaking up the crowd's cheers!!

The crowd gives out a cheer as Logan makes his way out to the stage. The Japanese deaf superstar smiles as he jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring. He shakes Zach Smith's hand and awaits the last opponent.

The crowd lets out a boo as Killian Redd makes his way out to the ring. A small "Hoxton" chant can be heard. Killian just smirks and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. Logan tries to shake his hand, but Redd just slaps it away and climbs the turnbuckle to taunt the crowd.

Mark Murdock
No respect..

The bell rings and this one is under way. Killian begins to shout at Logan, calling him names. Killian begins to laugh, thinking that Logan can't understand him. Killian's laughter is cut short but a swift kick to the chin from Logan. The crowd cheers as Logan picks Redd back up to his feet, and he and Smith Double Suplex Redd!!!

Mark Murdock
Nice teamwork by Zach Smith and Logan!!!

Smith and Logan pick Redd up and put him right back down with a Double DDT!!! The crowd goes wild as they kick Redd out of the ring!! Smith and Logan begin to circle one another in the middle of the ring. They lock up!! Logan is able to take control of Smith's arm and flip him to the mat. He wrenches on Smith's elbow and delivers a swift kick to the joint of Zach's arm. Logan then uses Smith's arm to maneuver him back to his feet. He then lets loose with an array of chops, elbows, kicks, knees, and punches!! He finishes the combination with a spinning elbow to the temple!! Smith is dazed, he stumbles to his knee as Logan goes to the top rope!! Logan leaps in the air and delivers a huge flying DDT!!! He goes for the pin..

Mark Murdock
What a kickout by Zach Smith!!

Logan is setting Smith up, as soon as Smith gets to his feet Logan lets loose a huge Roundhouse!! But Smith is able to dodge it and connect with a Smith Kick of his own!!!! He goes for the pin..

Mark Murdock
I can't believe that Logan was able to kick out of that!!! Ladies and gentleman this match is intense!! We'll be right back!!

Mark Murdock
And we're back folks!! What a match!! Zach Smith and Logan have been putting on a hell of a show!! Every time that Killian Redd tires to get involved, Logan and Smith have been able to dispose of him to the outside of the ring!!

We are shown a few replays of what went on during the commercial break. We are then brought live, where both Zach Smith and Logan are down, having hit one another with a clothesline at the same time!! All of a sudden Mathias Grey's face fills the titantron.

Mathias Grey
Hey Zach, how are you doing? Tired? I bet. That's a hell of a match you guys are putting up there.. So.. Here's the thing. I know I said that your match was going to be a Triple Threat Match. But I decided that there was one other superstar that deserved a spot in that match. Now he wasn't ready in time, after all this was very last minute planning, so I was going to tell the crew to hold the show so that this competitor could be ready for the opening match...

Smith is still down, as is Logan. Redd is groggy, but slowly getting to his feet on the outside of the ring.

Mathias Grey
Well I guess that I forgot to tell the crew to hold the show. But it would be unfair to not allow a worthy competitor a spot in tonight's match. After all he does deserve it, and I did already tell him that he would be in it.. Well.. He's ready now. So, I'm sure you won't mind a late entrant... Ladies and gentleman the fourth competitor in this Fatal Four Way is....!!


Mark Murdock
Ladies and gentleman, we're back. What you just saw was IWE's Destiny. That was a short promotional video for it. If you haven't already, the show is out and worth checking out!!!

James Cross is already in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

The crowd lets out a cheer as Jason Spade makes his way out to the ring!!

Mark Murdock
Here he is!! Jason Spade!! This is the first tournament match of the night!! And the crowd can't be more behind Jason Spade, listen to them!!!

Spade charges into the ring, eager to begin the match.

Mark Murdock
And this one is under way!!

Spade and Cross lock up, Spade is able to flip Cross over him and deliver a swift elbow drop to the arm of Cross. Spade runs the ropes and delivers a huge clothesline just as Cross got back to his feet.

Mark Murdock
Wow, that clothesline had some power to it!! It looks like Spade is trying to redeem himself after what happened at Destiny!!

The match goes like this for the next five or so minutes. Jason Spade over powering Cross, never letting up. Spade is fighting like a madman, but it's working, and the crowd loves it. Cross is able to roll out of the ring and catch a breather.

Mark Murdock
Smart thinking by Cross, it seems that break is all that he needed!!! Spade was fighting like his life depended on it!! I'm glad I wasn't James Cross!! But it seems that pause in the match calmed Spade down. You really got to hand it to Cross, that was veteran thinking right there.

Cross is able to fight back, eventually hitting the Full Throttle!!

Mark Murdock
I can't believe it!! James Cross just beat Jason Spade!!! This one is over!! One! Two! No!!

The crowd goes wild

Mark Murdock
What a kickout by Spade!!

Apollyon makes his way to the ring. Jimmy Starr can be seen standing outside the ring, awaiting his opponent with a smirk.

Mark Murdock
Here comes Apollyon!! He's the seven foot monster!! He hasn't started off so hot here in WWC.. Get it, hot.. Cause he's a demon from hell.. Or says he is.. Anyways.. Tonight he's looking to turn that all around...

Apollyon takes one look at Starr as the movie star slides into the ring. One look is all it takes.

Mark Murdock
Ouch!! Big boot!! And this one is under way!!

Jimmy is able to scramble to his feet and dropkick the knee of Apollyon, causing the monster to fall. Starr then runs the ropes and delivers a huge knee to the temple!! He goes for the pin but only gets a one count before being thrown off!! Starr is right back on Apollyon, refusing to let the monster up. But it is no use, no matter how man punches he throws, Apollyon endures it all and slowly gets to his feet and pushes Jimmy off of him. Starr charges only to be brought down by a huge clothesline!!

Mark Murdock
What a clothesline from hell!! Folks, we'll be right back!!

Mark Murdock
Welcome back ladies and gentleman!! What a match so far!! Apollyon has been able to use his size and strength throughout the match, but Jimmy Starr has refused to give in to the odds. Starr has been consistant about keeping the monster off his feet, and playing the mind games of course!!

Starr has Apollyon right where he wants him!!! The ref's back turned, the turnbuckle revealed (we are shown a quick replay of Starr taking the padding off right before the commercial break ended) and Apollyon charging at him!! Starr dodges, and Apollyon goes right into the turnbuckle!! Starr hits the LA 101.

Mark Murdock
Speaking of Shay Hoxton, here's his tag team partner, Noah Black!!!

The crowd goes wild as Noah Black makes his way out to the stage. Starr passes Black and the two have a stare down before Starr goes to the back. Black makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Mark Murdock
Noah Black set to take on Cameron Kray!! This one should be good!!

The crowd lets out a cheer as Cameron Kray makes his way to the ring.

Mark Murdock
Kray is coming off of a huge win at Destiny against JT Allen!! He's confident as ever, but will it be enough to take down Noah Black???

The two meet in the middle of the ring and shake hands. The bell rings and they lock up... Kray is able to take advantage of the match from the start, using his knowledge with his fists to use. Noah Black is doing what he can, but his size advantage isn't helping him against the brawler standing opposite him in the ring.

Mark Murdock
Cameron Kray proving that he belongs on top here tonight!! What a match so far!!!

Noah Black is finally able to gain some momentum after connecting with a German Suplex. Noah uses his size and strength to man handle Kray around, slamming him against the man time and time again. The two continue to go back and forth, going for pin after pin... But finally it's Noah Black who is able to lock on the Fade to Black..

Mark Murdock
Fade to Black!! This one is over!! No wait! Kray has the ropes!!

Black releases his grip and backs off. He gets to his feet slowly and turns around right into a Package Piledriver!!

Mark Murdock
Pin!! Pin!! Yes!!! One!! Two!! Wow!! What a reversal!!

Black reversed the pin!!

We return and Iron Duke Bishop and JT Allen are set for their match. All of a sudden Mathias Grey is shown on the tron.

Mathias Grey
As you all know Killian Redd is the first participant in the IC Title Match at the first ever WWC PPV.. So now we need an opponent for him. Which is why I'm talking to you two... Because next week, the two of you will be having a Triple Threat Match with one other competitor.. And the winner will face Killian Redd for the IC Title.. That other competitor is..

The crowd is going wild as Chris Proufoot makes his way out to the stage.

Mark Murdock
This Canadian crowd is loving Proudfoot!!!

The cheers quickly turn to boos as The Masked Man, the same masked man who has been tormenting Proudfoot since day one, makes his way down the ramp!! Proudfoot doesn't see him coming!!

Mark Murdock
Oh!! Proudfoot just got taken down from behind!?!?

The Masked Man throws Proudfoot into the barricade, and then into the steel steps. The Masked Man then proceeds to throw Proudfoot into the ring and..

Mark Murdock
Ohh! He's on the top rope!!! You know what this means... Yep... SkyFall!!!

The Canadian crowd lets out a huge boo. The masked man hurries to the back as WWC staff go to check on Proudfoot.

Mark Murdock
Reports are in that we have WWC staff currently looking for Mathias Grey to see if the match will continue or not.. Stand by...

Proudfoot doesn't look good. He tries to get to his feet on his own but collapses.

Mark Murdock
Alright.. I think they finally found Mathias... Yes, I'm hearing reports that he's making his way to his office to make a statement...

Mathias Grey's face fills the titantron.

Mathias Grey
Hmm.. You don't look good Chris.. But.. This is the main event... And these people need a main event.. You know what it's like, putting on a great main event, right Chris? You did that for Destiny.. Mathias Grey.. versus Zach Smith.. Well I know that wasn't your planned Main Event.. But you let it happen when you lost to Zach Smith with those silly stipulations.. But hey, no hard feelings.. However, business is business.. And... Yeah.. Look at that..

Proudfoot is on his feet with the help of the WWC Staff

Mathias Grey
See, you can walk.. So... Shay Hoxton versus Chris Proudfoot will go on as planned!! You understand.. Right Chris? Ring the bell!!

The bell rings and Shay Hoxton makes his way out. He clearly has a look of concern on his face for Chris. Shay rushes to the ring to check on Chris, who's arm is over the ref's shoulder, keeping him on his feet. Chris shrugs the ref off and stumbles into Hoxton.. Shay takes ahold of Chris, helping him stay on his feet.

Mark Murdock
Good sportsmanship by Shay Hoxto-
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WWC Warzone Week 2 Results
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