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 Warzone Episode 10: Part 2!!

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Mathias Grey

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Warzone Episode 10: Part 2!!  Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Episode 10: Part 2!!    Warzone Episode 10: Part 2!!  EmptyThu Sep 01, 2016 3:26 pm

We return to the ring where Lucas Samuels making his way down to the ring. Apollyon and Mack Nichols are in the ring already standing outside of the ring, ready for the Fatal Four Way.

Mark Murdock
Those were some confident words by James Ryder. We'll see if he has what it takes later tonight to become to new Hardcore Champion!! It looks like Apollyon and Mack Nichols are set for our next match. It's a fatal four way between Apollyon, Mack Nichols, Lucas Samuels, and Nightmare!!

Samules is making his way down the ramp as Apollyon and Nichols watch from outside of the ring.

Rick Dixon
These are four big scary dudes. Apollyon believes himself to be a "demon from hell", Mack Nichols claims to be a "savior from the underworlds", Nightmare hears voices in his head, and Lucas Samuels.. Well, he might not be a "demon" or from "the underworlds", however he's one big, mean, street fighting machine from Australia. If anyone has what it takes to defeat any of the three monsters that will be standing opposite him tonight, it's Lucas Samuels.

All of a sudden Nightmare runs out from behind Lucas and takes him down with a hard elbow to the back of the head!! Apollyon can also be seen performing a suprise attack on Mack Nichols. Apollyon irish whips Nichols into the steel steps, sending "The Savior" sprawling to the floor. Nightmare throws Samuels against the ring post head first before tossing him into the ring.

Mark Murdock
What!! It looks like Nightmare and Apollyon planned to thin out the competition early on!!

Rick Dixon
Smart thinking!!

Apollyon throws Nichols into the ring before going under the apron and finding a steel chair.

Rick Dixon
Remember, this is an Extreme Rules Match!! Anything goes!!

Apollyon slides into the ring as Nightmare climbs into it as well from the other side. Nightmare picks Samuels up and irish whips him right into a steel chair shot by Apollyon!!

Rick Dixon
Ohh!! Samuels is down!! What teamwork by Nightmare and Apollyon!! I know that they had a falling out a couple of weeks ago, however it's smart for them to put their differences aside and work toge-

Samuels rolls out of the ring as Nightmare goes to pick Mack Nichols up but is hit by a huge chair shot to the back of the head from Apollyon!!

Rick Dixon
It looks like I spoke too soon!! I guess that Apollyon still held a grudge after all!!!

Apollyon smashes Nightmare with the chair once more before tossing it out of the ring. He then goes to pin Nightmare!!....1...2.. Mack Nichols breaks it up!!

Mark Murdock
Mack was there to break that up just in time!! Folks, you don't want to miss this Battle of the Monsters!! We'll be back, right after this short commercial break!!

Mark Murdock
And we're back, live here in Portland Oregon for the 10th episode of WWC Warzone!!! Right now Mack Nichols, Apollyon, Nightmare, and Lucas Samuels are battling it out in an Extreme Rules Match!!

Rick Dixon
This match was advertised as a Battle of the Monsters, and it has been just that!!!

We are shown a few replays from the commercial break. One is of Apollyon irish whipping Nichols over the corner barricade. Another is of Nightmare throwing Samuels up and over the announce table. There's a final one of Lucas Samuels delivering an array of punches and elbows to both Nightmare and Apollyon before florring them with a huge jumping double clothesline.

Rick Dixon
Right now Apollyon and Nightmare are going at it in the middle of the ring!!

We are shown the two seven footers exchanging blows back and forth.

Rick Dixon
Look at those huge punches by these giants!! Just one punch could knock out a normal man!! But these monsters are going toe to toe and niether are backing down!!

Mack Nichols slides into the ring, Kendo Stick in hand. He cracks Nightmare in the back of the head with the kendo stick before connecting with a huge hit to the temple of Apollyon with the weapon.

Rick Dixon
Owwch!! Right to the temple!!

Nichols raises the kendo stick high in the air as Nightmare and Apollyon lay motionless on the mat behind him. Nichols smile turns to a look of confusion as the crowd begins to buzz.


We cut backstage where two unfamilar men are staring back at us. One is a large white man with a long dark curly beard and long wavy black hair. He is wearing sunglasses, a leather vest, and is sporting a few tattoos across his arms. He begins to speak.

||Solomon Crews||
My name is Solomon Crews and this here is Angelo Reyes. We're here for one reason and one reason only.. Money. We go way back with Matt Greyson, and he offered us a deal that we could not refuse. He gives us a nice paycheck every week, and in return all that we have to do is walk out to the ring and kick some teeth in. Simple as that. I mean shit, Greyson and I met in jail before he joined the wrestling buisness, so he knows firsthand that I used to do a lot worse to people, for a lot less money... It's a shame Greyson said that the ref checks for knifes here in WWC... Oh well, I guess our fists will have to do, right Angelo?

[color=green]*Angelo Reyes looks at his friend and smiles, showing a few missing teeth. He is much smaller than Crews, both in height and weight. He looks of spanish decent, and is wearing a black bandana, a white wife-beater, and jeans.*

||Angelo Reyes||
I guess so amigo. But that's fine, our fists are all we need. Cameron Kray and Nick Jordan might be good professional wrestlers, great even. But they've never looked death in the eyes and laughed. They've never beat someone within an in of their life just to make a few bucks. They've never.. They don't know what we know, they haven't sen what we seen, and they sure as hell can't do what we do. Tonight they're going to walk into that ring expecting a wrestling match.. But they're going to figure out very soon that there will be no match. No. Just a fight.. A fight for their lives..

*Reyes and Crews laugh as they walk away*

We return to see Gary Hawk, JT Allen, and Ryan Riley in the ring

As soon as Martini's theme begins to play the crowd lets out a huge pop.

Mark Murdock
Welcome back!! We're getting ready for our Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the Hardcore Title!! So far Gary Hawk, Ryan Riley, and JT Allen are in the ring. Gianluca Martini is making his way out now, and the crowd can't get enough of him!! They love this guy!!

Martini enters the ring and high fives Ryan Riley.

Mark Murdock
I wonder if Ryan and Martini's tag team will come into play tonight.

James Ryder makes his way out to the stage.

Mark Murdock
Here comes James Ryder. He introduced himself to WWC earlier tonight as a wrestler who like to "drink beer, fuck women, and fight". That sparked the interset of Killian Redd on social media, seeing as Killian has a very similar outlook on life. Redd said that Ryder is phoney and there can only be one Killian Redd.

Rick Dixon
Those are some harsh words from our former World Champ!!

Mark Murdock
Well upon hearing that I was able to get in contact with James Ryder during the last commercial break and tell him what Killian said. This is what Ryder had to say...

We are shown a replay of Ryder responding to hearing what Redd said about him...

[[James Ryder]]
He said what?? Who is this again? Killian Redd? I haven't heard much about him, but if he thinks that I'm trying to copy him in any way shape or form he is sadly mistaken. Clearly he either has anger issues, is paranoid, or has a body part that is lacking in size that causes him to over compensate by running that big mouth of his. So let me ask you this: Why would I want to be like him? He seems like the opposite of a role model if you ask me. There is one and only one Killian Redd, and I want nothing to do with him, unless it involves my boot in his face.. Tell him to come talk to me when he can back it up in the ring, until then, he's not worth my time. I'm looking towards the future, not the past. Killian Redd is the past. And James Ryder. Well. You're looking at the future.

Mark Murdock
James Ryder sure is cocky.

Rick Dixon
There's a difference between cocky and confident!! James Ryder is confident!! And he's prepared to show you why here tonight!!

Mark Murdock
I'd like to see how confident he'd be in the ring with Killian Redd!!

Mark Murdock
And here comes the champ! Dante McCloud!!

Rick Dixon
He's been able to hold on to that title for so long now, but tonight is his greatest challenge. A six person Over the Top Rope Battle Royal!!

Dante McCloud makes his way into the ring. As soon as he slides in Gary Hawk and JT Allen attack him with kicks and elbows.

Rick Dixon
It looks like they want to get rid of the champ early on!!

Martini and Riley intervene, preventing Hawk and Allen to continue their assault!! Ryder walks towards the injured McCloud, looking to pick up the scraps and eliminate the champ on his own.

Rick Dixon
Here we go!! This one is under way!!

Martini and Hawk are exchanging blows as Allen has Riley against the ropes, trying to eliminate him. Ryder picks McCloud up but Dante still has fight left in him, unleashing an array of elbows to the stunned Ryder. Martini drop kicks Hawk and rushes to the aid of Riley.

Mark Murdock
It looks like Riley and Martini will be working together after all!!

Rick Dixon
For now!! There can only be one winner!! And only one champion!!

Martini helps Riley fight off Allen as Dante McCloud takes Ryder down with a huge discuss clothesline!! He then charges at Gary Hawk, clotheslining him over the top rope and onto the floor!!

Rick Dixon
There goes Gary Hawk!! One elimination down!!

Dante celebrates before turning his attention towards Riley. The two begin to exchange blows as JT Allen and Martini do the same!! Ryder gets to his feet goes after Dante, angry from the discuss clothesline he was hit by earlier. JT Allen has Martini on the top turnbuckle, Martini is just holding on. Riley rushes to his aid just in time.

Rick Dixon
That was close!!

McCloud and Ryder exchange blows back and forth. Ryder backs McCloud against the ropes and leaps in the air looking to drop kick the champ out of the ring but McCloud is able to duck just in time. Allen is backed against the ropes now as Riley and Martini try to eliminate him. They both back up before charging!! Martini hits a dropkick as Riley hits a clothesline, sending Allen over the top rope and onto the floor.

Rick Dixon
Another down!!

Martini and Riley high five, but their celebration is cut short as James Ryder comes up from behind and throws Ryan Riley over the top rope and out of the ring!! The crowd boos as Martini angrily attacks Ryder.

Mark Murdock
Three left!! Gianluca Martini!! James Ryder!! And the Champ Dante McCloud!! Who will walk out with the Hardcore Title!??! We'll find out after this commerical break!!

Mark Murdock
We're back folks. Gary Hawk, JT Allen, and Ryan Riley have been eliminated, leaving Gianluca Martini, James Ryder, and the champ Dante McCloud left in this Over the top Rope Battle Royal for the Hardcore Title!!

Ryder is slumped in the corner, clearly fatigued. Dante and Martini are exchanging blows against the ropes!! McCloud looks to DDT Martini but Martini reverses it into a shin breaker!! He then backs up and charges, delivering a huge enziguri, sending the champ over the top rope and onto the floor!!!!!

Mark Murdock
He did it!!! Gianluca Martini just eliminated the champ!!


We return to an unfamiliar theme

Solomon Crews and Angelo Reyes make their way out to the ring.

Rick Dixon
Here comes WWC's newest tag team, Angelo Reyes and Solomon Crews!! These two men are tough as nails, and are willing to do almost anything for the right price. They might not have the experience that Kray and Jordan do in the ring, but their experiences outside of the ring make them a deadly duo in the ring.. Maybe even literally!!

Mark Murdock
And here comes Jordan Nickolson!! Formerally known as Nick Jordan!! He is now in charge of one of the IWE brands. He had some harsh words for Matt Greyson during Jordan's introduction speech as IWE's new "co-man who runs the show". Greyson has yet to respond to Nickolson, but knowing Matt Greyson, something will be said or done about it soon. And I'm not looking forward to it.

Jordan enters the ring with his WWC Tag Team Title over his shoulder and stares down Crews and Reyes, showing no fear. Jordan looks towards the stage, awaiting Cameron Kray's entrance.

The crowd lets out a boo at the sound of Matt Greyson's theme

Mark Murdock
What is he doing out here? That's not Cameron Kray!!

Matt Greyson walks out to the stage. He is wearing wrestling trunks very similar to his Grey Matter days however they are red instead of grey. He raises the mic in his hand and begins to speak.

Matt Greyson
I know what you're probably thinking.. Where is Cameron Kray? Where is Jordan Nickolson's tag team partner? Where is the other half of the tag team champions?

Mathias smiles as he begins to walk down the ramp.

Matt Greyson
Well as you all know, Cameron Kray is also WWC's IC Champion. And right now he is on his way to deal with some IC Title related buisness. Signing some papers, going over some documents.. As you can see..

Grey points to the titantron which shows live footage of Cameron Kray sitting in the back of a limo next to none other than James Ryder. Kray has his IC Title over his shoulder and Ryder has his Hardcore Title over his.

Matt Greyson
Next week Cameron Kray and James Ryder will be going one on one for the new WWC TV Title. One Hardcore Champion and one IC Champion will be walking into that match.. However only one title will remain once it's all said and done, the WWC TV Title, and there will only be one man walking out of that match with the title around his waist!! This match will be a 15 Minute Match. If there is no winner after the 15 minutes are up, then the champion retains!! Seeing as Cameron Kray is the IC Champion, he will be considered the current champion for next weeks match, so if the match does not end in 15 minutes or less, then he will become the new TV Champion!!

The crowd cheers at the thought of the match

Rick Dixon
Wow!! Next week Cameron Kray versus James Ryder for the TV Title!! I can't wait!!

Matt Greyson
Now, I know you're probably wondering.. If Cameron Kray isn't in the building then who is going to be your tag team partner?? Well.. Don't you worry one bit Jordan. Even though I have a match right after this for the WWC Title, I couldn't just leave you hanging with no partner. So tonight I'll be teaming with you to take on Crews and Reyes!! And that match starts right now!!!

Jordan is hit from behind by an elbow to the back by Crews. Grey smirks as he gets onto the apron and Reyes makes his way to his side of the ring.

Mark Murdock
So Matt Greyson is teaming with the guy who just finished trash talking him.. Against Greyson's friends from way back?? I have a bad feeling about this...

Crews stomps on Jordan's arm before dragging him to his corner to tag Reyes in. Crews holds Jordan down as Reyes leaps in the air and comes down on Jordan's arm with his knee!! Reyes stomps Jordan a few more times before lifting him up and tagging Crews back in. Reyes irish whips Jordan right into a big boot from Crews. Reyes then charges at Crews who tosses him high in the air, causing him to land on Jordan with an elbow drop to the mid section!! Reyes rolls to the apron as Crews brings a huge knee down on Jordan's arm.

Rick Dixon
Wow, these two really do work well together.

Crews lifts Jordan up and drops him with a huge Suplex!! He then tags Reyes, who climbs the turnbuckle. Crews delivers a shin breaker to Jordan, and Reyes follows it with a Missile Dropkick!!

Mark Murdock
Jordan's going to have to figure something out soon if he wants to stay in this one!! We'll see if he does when we come back from this short commercial break!

Mark Murdock
Welcome back!! Nick Jordan and Matt Greyson are going up against newcomers Solomon Crews and Angelo Reyes live here in Portland, Oregon!! So far Crews and Reyes haven't allowed Jordan to make a tag, but it looks like Jordan might be gaining some momentum here!!

Jordan ducks a right hook from Reyes and connects with a left hook of his own!! He follows it with an elbow to the temple and finishes it off with a belly to belly suplex!!!

Mark Murdock
He has to make the tag!

The crowd goes wild as Jordan crawls towards his corner. Reyes is doing the same, crawling towards Crews. Just as Reyes reaches Crews, Jordan makes a leap of desperation towards Greyson's outstretched hand!!!

Mark Murdock
Here we go!!


Mark Murdock
Well, regardless. Up next is our big Main Event!! Zach Smith, Matt Greyson, Jason Spade, Shay Hoxton!! The WWC Title hanging high above the ring!! I can't wait for this WWC Title Ladder Match!! Right after this commercial break!!!
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Warzone Episode 10: Part 2!!
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