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 WarZone Episode 4 Card

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Aaron Stryker

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 11:45 pm

Card booked by Shay Hoxton, after purchasing the right to do so in the WWC Store.

Match 1: Jason Spade vs Jimmy Starr
Match 2: Jason Spade vs Cameron Kray, Gianluca Martini and Dallas Chains
Match 3: Jason Spade vs Dante McCloud
Match 4: Jason Spade vs Zach Smith
Match 5: Jason Spade vs Mathias Grey
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Jimmy Starr

Jimmy Starr

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptyThu Jun 02, 2016 11:32 am


jimmy starr motherfucker
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Killian Redd

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptySun Jun 05, 2016 9:21 pm

Camera opens to show Killian at the gym and he talking to this girl at the counter.

Killian: What the fuck you mean I've been kicked from the gym!? Do you know who I am? Of course you do. You were screaming my name last week, pretty loudly I might add.

The Girl: Listen, Kill-

Killian: That's Mister Fucking Redd to you, Sharon.

Sharon: Mr. Redd, I understand you're upset, but my husband owns this gym and he heard what we did last week, and he is a very dangerous man.

Killian: Fuck, bring his ass to me and I'll kick it. I fought more dangerous men than him back in Pitbull. What the fuck is he going to do to me?

Sharon:Okay, I'll call him up.

As Sharon calls, Killian pulls out his phone and makes a phone call.

Killian: Yo, I'm about to kick some ass. No, the cameraman is already here. Yes, still show up something tells me this guy won't show up alone. No, we don't need any weapons. Fuck yeah, bring the bagels. I get hungry after a fight. Alright see you when you get here, bro.

Killian hangs up his phone and looks at Sharon.

Sharon: He's on his way. I don't think this is a good idea. He sounded way too happy to show up.

Killian: Well that's why you don't think. Shit, I'd be happy to fight me too. How long do you think it'll take because I have somewhere to be at like 6 and it's 4 now.

Sharon: No more than 5 minutes. Oh, here he is now.

The camera moves to show this really big guy in black and red MMA shorts and a white tank top. He is accompanied with a man who is about 6', but also is pretty ripped. Killian walks over to them. He looks at the big guy.

Killian: Really, James? A white tank top? You do realize blood stains white, right?

James: I'm not bleeding, yet.

Killian: You're right, my watch is 10 seconds fast.

As Killian says that he headbutts James and takes him down with a double leg take down and starts repeating punches to James's head. Then, James's friend kicks Killian off of James. As Killian fell back after the kick to the head, James's friend goes to pounces on Redd, but Redd kicks him in the gut as he was bent over from the kick, He gets hit by the Proudfoot. Chris Proudfoot helps Killian up and Killian goes over to James who is now finally getting to his feet. Killian hits him with a strong right hook and left uppercut knocking James out.

Killian: That's the problem with these big guys. They're so big and think they can take a bunch. That's why Steroids are useless if you're not looking for looks. Anyways, what took you so long? I though I was going to have to knock these guys out by myself.

Chris: I forgot the bagels, so turned around and picked them up. Also, you didn't tell me where you were at, fool.

Killian: Good point. Sharon, let's go and bring Samantha.

Sharon stands up and looks at James and smiles. She then goes into the back and walks out with a super hot Native American chick. Samantha walks over by Chris and Sharon walks over to Killian. They all walk out of the gym and the camera moves onto James and his friend and slowly pans out and shuts off.
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Dallas Chains

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptyMon Jun 06, 2016 12:25 am

*A gunshot is heard and a wooden shed is seen in a Texan Ranch. A metal “clang” is heard, and we turn to see a metal spade being hung off the shed with a chain with a bullet hole in it. Footsteps are heard from the crunching of gravel, and we see a hand grab the metal spade.

This week, I make my debut in a one on three against Jason Spade. Listen here, city slicker, it's nothing personal, but I have a bullet with a name on it, and it ain't mine.

*Dallas lets go of the spade, letting it swing back and forth.

I'll make you a deal, Spade. You have one hell of a night ahead of you, and I'm a merciful man, so if you play along.

*Dallas makes a gun with his hand.

We can end this quickly.

*Dallas drops his hand, giving a “hmm” at his offer.

Actually, Cameron Kray brought me along for a reason, and we all know why. No, it's not because I'd be willing to end this quickly, but because he knows I can keep you down for as long as he needs to get the energy to have as much fun as he wants. Consider it… vengeance. Vengeance for last week's handicap match, vengeance for betraying his loving fans, vengeance for injuring his ol' pal, Hoxton. I've been known for working alone, but…

*A cocking sound can be heard, most likely from a pistol.

I don't mind helping someone get what they deserve. Kray’s England born, but he deserves to stick his boot up your ass like an American, and you Spade, you deserve two boots and a one way ticket to brokeback mountain for your actions. Sickening.

*Dallas laughs for a moment at his remark.

But hell, I said I was a merciful man, so once I feel you've had enough, I'll end it with a nice, clean, headshot. That way, when you fight Dante McCloud, you can fight like a real man instead of just laying there while you bleed.

*The crunching sound of gravel can be heard, getting quieter the farther away it is.
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Jason Spade

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptyMon Jun 06, 2016 12:58 am

The camera fades in to a small concrete room, with a man standing in the middle of the frame. He's wearing his usual hooded vest and holding the WWC title up against his waist. Jason Spade looks up at the camera, usual smile not present.

"Shay Hoxton seems to be under the impression that he's a smart man... A clever man, by stacking the deck against me in such a way that it... Well shit, it almost seems impossible that I'll even walk out of the arena next week. But the thing that Shay Hoxton needs to understand... If he were half as clever as he thought he was, he'd have backed off... Leave our beef be, before he lost more than a leg. But now, Hox... Now you've really pissed me off.

"When I'm done this week, I will be weakened, I can guarantee that... But I won't be broken. This title is not going anywhere, Hoxton... You're not getting it off me. You never were, not even before you got hurt. So send the whole damn American independent circuit after me if you want, it won't change a damn thing... This week, however, I've got seven opponents."

Spade raises his finger gun to the camera.

"And seven bullets for every goddamn one of them. Jimmy Starr? That loon isn't worth the dust on my boots... You never were, Jimbo, even when we were partners. You were a means to an end and now you're a loose end. Time to tie you up.

"Then there's our little ragamuffin team of jackasses, lead by Cameron Kray... The man's bark is harsher than his bite. Tell me, Cameron... Have you done anything remotely interesting aside from get pushed through a table by 'tons-of-fun' Triad? Didn't think so. Gianluca Martini? I don't know what's dumber, your name or your sunglasses... I'll tell you this, though. You're a World Class poser, and I'm gonna put you so far into the ground you'll pop up right back home in Rome. Viva L'Italia.

"And then, of course... Dallas Chains. I've saved a whole paragraph just for you... It's gonna take far more than a headshot to put me down. I'll hang you like the noose on your tights, and when it's all said and done... I'll send you packing back to Texas in a rainbow-colored suitcase, chock-full of all the tickets to Brokeback Mountain your little heart desires. As payment, I'll take your little mask and hang it up on my wall next to Shay Hoxton's bone fragments and my NGCW Tag Team Championship. It'll look lovely.

"Now let's talk Dante McCloud... Actually, let's not. He won't be able to feel the burn of my words anyway... But he'll definitely feel the pain of loss when I send him packing back to the loony bin on a stretcher. You said you have pride, eh? Jason Spade's ring is where pride goes to die.

"And finally, Mathias Grey... I see you've once again embraced your inner whack job, and honestly... I've said all I have to say about that back in NGCW. I'm glad that we're finally going to come to blows... I told you once, way back when, that while you can talk a bigger game than me, you're gonna fall short in the ring against me. And soon, I'll be able to prove it... On your own show, no less. Ironic.

"Seven men, seven bullets. See you soon, gentlemen... bring your A-games.

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Cameron Kray

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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card EmptyMon Jun 06, 2016 1:00 am

*Camera shows static before showing Cameron sitting in his bloodstained chair. The dim light swinging back and forth*

Jason Spade. What you did to Shay is nothing to brag about. What you did is a mere scratch to what I have done to people in this room. The fact that you nearly tried to do the same to me before Eric Pierce showed up. Eric, whilst I thank you for the offer, I could have looked after myself.

*Camera cuts to the current shot and a blood splattered face of Kray yelling into the camera*

I am giving Gianluca Martini and Dallas Chains a chance to work alongside a top contender here in WWC. And if they want to beat what is left of you by all means. I plan on dropping you on your head and that's it.

*Camera cuts between the current shot again and Nick Jordan giving Cameron numerous suplex*

Now Nick Jordan. Now I know what you are capable of first hand. Don't think that your Suplex Transit will run forever. Because it won't. And if you think the time I spend in front of this camera is me hiding and being scared. You are delusional. Because the torture you will be in........ Well let's say WWC Doomsday better be R rated.

*Camera cuts to the blood splattered face of Kray yelling*


*Camera cuts to static*
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WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: WarZone Episode 4 Card   WarZone Episode 4 Card Empty

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WarZone Episode 4 Card
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