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 Warzone Episode 3 Card

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Mathias Grey

Posts : 214
Join date : 2014-02-13
Age : 26
Location : New York, NY

PostSubject: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Fri May 20, 2016 12:22 am

(last weeks show)

Warzone Episode 3 Card

Main Event: Champions vs. Contenders
Jason Spade and Nick Jordan vs. Cameron Kray and Shay Hoxton

WWC Contract Match
Adam Ashes vs. Jay Vegas vs. Christopher Aaron vs. Lucifer Thorne

Hardcore Title Match
Dante McCloud vs. Gianluca Martini vs. Nightmare vs. JT Allen

Iron Duke Bishop vs. Apollyon

Winner Chooses Losers Theme Song For Next Week
Zach Smith vs. Killian Redd

Ryan Riley vs. Damon Wolfe vs. Logan

Opening Match
James Cross and Noah Black vs. Mathias Grey and Jimmy Starr
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Posts : 20
Join date : 2016-04-02
Age : 24
Location : Kansas City MO

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Fri May 20, 2016 1:16 am

Nick Jordan is scene in a black room, no body around but a camera and him, he sets down this chair and stares into the camera

Kray, Kray, Kray, Kray....Kray, "The Contenders"....That is what you are....a contender so due to this fact, you don't deserve to even see my Championship, your eyes don't have the right to lay them on my belt.....because your a contender, and until our match for it you won't see it nobody will, because only in those moments when it needs to be seen, will I see the look in your eyes....the look of hope as  you believe you can take it away from me.....I love seeing it... The "Hope"

Jordan repositions himself and gets closer to the camera and in a low tone speaks

But you know what I love more?.....the look in your eyes when I am standing above you holding my belt high knowing I crushed all the hope, and crushed your dreams to a point were you can never recover from. Cherish that hope Kray, because when you lock your eyes on the prize...your only hurting yourself.
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Aaron Stryker

Posts : 4
Join date : 2016-05-14

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Fri May 20, 2016 1:38 am

The camera comes into Aaron Stryker's office in the city, the man himself sitting at his desk and smoking another Cuban cigar.

Good evening, good evening people of the World Wrestling Corporation! My name is, of course, Aaron Stryker with an unfortunate announcement.

Due to the attack perpetrated by Jason Spade from tonight's episode of WarZone, Shay Hoxton has suffered a torn ACL and a compound fracture in his left leg, and as a result will be out of action for several months. Because of this, he will not be able to compete this week and as a result, the tag team match scheduled for our main event will instead be a handicap match. Best of luck to Mr. Cameron Kray... I suspect he'll need it.
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Jason Spade

Posts : 31
Join date : 2016-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Fri May 20, 2016 3:03 am

Exclusive footage from

The camera shows Shay Hoxton, left leg wrapped in bloody bandages, being wheeled towards and ambulance. Suddenly, Jason Spade storms into the scene and knocks the stretcher over, stomping on Hoxton's damaged leg- the latter screaming in agony- before being restrained by the medical personnel and security.

"I told you, Hox! I told you I was gonna break your legs! Get off me!"

Spade struggles against the security as the camera fades to black.
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Mathias Grey

Posts : 214
Join date : 2014-02-13
Age : 26
Location : New York, NY

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Mon May 23, 2016 4:57 pm

Mathias Grey is sitting at his desk, looking over some papers.

Mathias Grey
Well, well, well.. So it looks like this Stryker punk wants to try and take over MY show!!! Well, I did it to Zach Smith, now it's time to do it to Stryker!! Seeing as I am still the WWC COO, next week I'm officially booking Apollyon and Nightmare against Aaron Str-

Actually.. No, you're not..

Mathias Grey
Who.. Who are you? What are you doing in my office??

Mr. Jackson
My friends call me by my first name, but those who work for me call me Mr. Jackson. Which is what you as well as the rest of the WWC Roster will be calling me as of now..

Mathias Grey
What are you talking about?

Mr. Jackson
Remember that investor that you got into business with right before you started this company? You know, the one who loaned you all the cash to start up WWC.. Well Mathias.. That was me.. And remember all those papers you had to sign? Well, that gave me 100% ownership over WWC.. Sure, I let you think that you were in charge, after all I don't know much about professional wrestling companies.. But this whole time WWC actually belonged to me. And I have to hand it to you.. You've done a great job with my company so far.. But now, it's time for me to take it over.. That's why I hired Aaron Stryker to become the new GM of Warzone.. And that's why you Mathias... Well, you're fired from any "COO" or GM duties starting right now.. As a matter of fact, you're sitting in my desk.

A bunch of WWC Security guards enter the room. Mathias begins to yell at the security team.

Mathias Grey
What are you doing??! Take this man away!!

Mr. Jackson
Oh Mathias.. They won't listen to you... They know the truth.. They know that you never went to Hollywood.. That you were never an actor.. They know that the reason you left WWC was because you got sent to the looney bin!!! You're not famous, you're not even rich.. You're pathetic Mathias... Get him out of here..

The security guards surround Mathias. He looks to his left, then his right. He then swings at the nearest security guard, causing the rest of the guards charge at him, attempting to hold him down. Mathias is able to get a few more blows in before being overpowered by the guards. He gets dragged out of the office kicking and screaming.

Mr. Jackson
Oh and Mathias.. You're still under contract here as a wrestler. So good luck tonight!!!

Mr. Jackson slides out the nametag "Mathias Grey" from the office door, and replaces it with a "Mr. Jackson" nametag. He then begins to clear Mathias' things from the office as the scene comes to a close.
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Mr. Jackson

Posts : 1
Join date : 2016-05-23

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Mon May 23, 2016 5:12 pm

Mr. Jackson is shown sitting at his desk. He has finished clearing all of Grey's old stuff out of the office. He adjusts his expensive suit jacket before speaking.

Mr. Jackson
Sorry that you all had to witness that earlier.. Mathias Grey had to be taken care of, he was putting my commodities.. I mean wrestlers, in danger by booking matches based off of his grudges.. But that is over now. Mathias Grey is no longer in charge.. Well, he never was.. But now he knows it.. And so do all of you.. I know very little about professional wrestling.. To be honest, Mathias came to me with this idea for a "World Wrestling Corporation" and needed the cash.. Now normally I wouldn't listen to a delusional man such as Mathias, and I most definitely wouldn't give him cash to start a business. But there was something about Mathias, as crazy as he was, I believed that WWC wasn't the worst idea ever. And seeing as Mathias just came out of a looney bin at the time, I figured I'd be able to manipulate him.. Which I did. So I figured, why not. I didn't think that WWC would become so successful though. But here we are.. So now that Mathias Grey is gone, WWC needs someone with wrestling knowledge and experience dealing with the talent.. So as you all know, that's why Aaron Stryker is the new WWC Warzone General Manager.. And from what I hear, he has a few special announcements for you tonight.. So stay posted!!!
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Mathias Grey

Posts : 214
Join date : 2014-02-13
Age : 26
Location : New York, NY

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Mon May 23, 2016 5:24 pm

I won the NGCW Extreme Title for one reason and one reason only... To be heard.. But just as I reached the top of the mountain, just when I was ready to shout at the top of my lungs.. They silenced me... They took me away against my will.. They claim that it was because I'm crazy. But it's not. No. It's because I'm dangerous. Dangerous to them.. Because I know.. Yes. I know the truth.. And that scares them. They don't want me to WAKE YOU ALL UP!! They don't want me to OPEN YOUR EYES!!.. So they locked me away.. But they could only hold me back for so long.. I returned.. I returned under a new name.. Bookie Harvey.. I returned to spread the truth no matter what it took.. And then NGCW closed.. So I thought to myself.. This whole time I was trying to climb the mountain, get to the top.. But why not be the one to make the mountain? What better way to be heard than to be the one in charge? So I created WWC brick by brick.. I pretended to be something that I'm not so that I could make WWC great, so that the mountain I built would be big enough for me to be heard by the masses!! So that I could speak the truth!! But just as that mountain grew tall enough, just as I was about to speak my truth to you all... Mr. Jackson... He took it from me.. And now I'm at the bottom.. All because of the fine print.... Now I'm nothing.. And no one listens to nothing.. No one will take me seriously now.... So I must rise once again.. I MUST be heard... And I will... I will rise.. And you will learn to follow me... Or you will be forced to fear me.. The choice is yours...
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Jason Spade

Posts : 31
Join date : 2016-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Mon May 23, 2016 6:01 pm

The camera zooms in to reveal Jason Spade's recording area, a dull, bare concrete room. The man himself is sitting in the middle of the room in a black steel chair, the WWC championship around his waist, with a pair of familiar pink sunglasses atop them.

"Shay... I've been waiting to do that to you for so long... Ever since you cheated me out of that win back in NGCW... Ever since you cost me my shot at the NGCW Championship. I ultimately blame myself, I mean... All you did was stick your feet on the ropes. But still, it feels good to let some of that pent up rage out, y'know?

"Unfortunately for you, looks like you're out of the title picture... And you'll stay out, if you know what's good for you. You'll stay home... Or I will break your other leg. Because let me assure you... If you ever- ever- show your stupid face in my company again, I'll do more then just break your leg. I'll break everything else... Your body, your mind, your spirit... Your will to even draw breath. You will be nothing more than a pathetic sack of meat, driven by a shattered psyche and mouthing the words "kill me, kill me, kill me" because you'll want nothing... Except for the pain to go away."

Spade stands up, the glasses falling off of his lap and onto the floor, where he promptly stomps on them, shattering the lenses.

"If anyone else wants to step up and try to take this title from me, I issue you the same warning... You will suffer the same fate as Shay Hoxton. I will crush you, and put your sorry carcass on the shelf... And you will never even dream of stepping up to the Outlaw again. This is my championship... And not a damn single one of you- not Shay Hoxton, not anyone- is ever going to take it from me.


Spade shoots a finger gun at the title, before the camera pans down and zooms in on the broken sunglasses, the video feed fading out moments later.
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Killian Redd

Posts : 13
Join date : 2016-03-13

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Tue May 24, 2016 9:46 pm

Killian is seen squatting 5 plates as he comes up he sees this hot girl walk by him and she stops to look at him. He racks the bar and walks over to her.

(Killian) Hey there mama.*he says in a Johnny Bravo impression*

The girl laughs

(The Girl) I love Johnny Bravo.

(Killian) How about you come to my place and we watch a few episodes.

(The Girl) I would, but I'm only 17.

(Killian) what the fuck. No get away. No. I'm not fucking with you. Fucking young kids these days when I was your age I was fucking people the same age. What is your problem woman ya nasty.

The girl walks away embarrassed and keeps her head down.

Killian goes back squatting.

(Killian) I just won my first match and I'm not about to get arrested or anything. Besides I got a big match. If I lose I'm going to have to have a new theme song.

Killian assumes that camera is off and he goes back to the hot girl.

(Killian) I'm sorry I hurt your feelings I was on camera and didn't want to look bad. How about I pick you up when you get off and we go get something to eat and watch Johnny Bravo.

(The girl) that sounds nice. I get off at 9.

(Killian) perfect see you then.

The camera shuts off.
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2016-05-25

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Wed May 25, 2016 6:23 am

A dark grainy appears in all of the video equipment. A person with their back turned stands slouched. A grim crimson cross is all that is able to be made out.

A voices cackles in laughter from the figure, but not for long before the figures clears it's throat. A husky deep voice yells "SAVE US".

It follows as;
"I am the hate that drives your shallow lives, the urge that makes you defy, the fear that drives your daily routines... I AM EVIL IN THE PUREST FORM. You will learn to live with me... blissfully or decaying. I am your Savior, Mack.
Talk soon, I, promise."

The camera falls with a quiet gasping noise slowly dying out with one final last breath.

A terrifying laugh bellows through the arena as the video cuts.
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Chris Proudfoot

Posts : 9
Join date : 2016-03-10

PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   Tue May 31, 2016 8:16 am

Chris Proudfoot is seen backstage, Wearing an all black suit. Getting ready to watch todays episode of WarZone. He looks into the camera, Lights a cigarette. It must be time for a promo

Man, Does it feel good to be back here in WWC!? Meh, I mean. A lot has changed since I left.

We got some Italian Moron going by Martini or something... Some Deaf Moron... an Injured Shay Hoxton, Thank god for that. And The smallest, weakest World Champion in the history of Pro Wrestling. I'd talk about the other Champions here, but frankly they are a few no name morons so I won't even bother getting into that..

Proudfoot inhales and exhales his smoke

So, Let me get this Straight. Cameron Kray is a champion? And he's feuding with... Who? Oh , That Moron I wouldn't even Hire back in my crap hole company. We got Shay Hoxton, Your biggest name in the damn place... Well yeah I know, Until I came back.. And he's injured. God I hope the guy replacing him for the main title is at least an active competitor. Not to mention the weakest World Champ since Shay won it at Brawl. Jason Spade. Now the funny thing with Jason, is how bad ass he'll tell you he is. How rebellious he is. But when it comes down to it. He's walking around carrying the damn logo on his shoulder. If he was really such an "Outlaw" He'd spray paint that thing, Cover that logo up and really do something interesting. Like my Good buddy Killian Redd did with the IWE Intercontinental Championship.. Now that, That was a title.

Speaking of my tag partner Killian, I'd love to team up and win those WWC Tag Team Titles, But everyone here is too busy arguing at a God Damn Table to make any. So here I am.

Stuck in the middle, The man who won the God Damn Brawl Match, earning a shot at the NGCW Championship,  The man who won NGCW Tag Team of the Year. The Man Who Gave All you Ungrateful bastards a home when you had nowhere left to go. Screw You and Your "Chris Proudfoot Appreciation night." Here I am, Stuck in the middle. I wonder to myself, where do I truly stand, What do I truly do?

Proudfoot inhales and exhales

Do I call up Fury for one more run as Team Canada? No, He smells like Cat Food.

Do I Challenge Spade for a shot at that WWC Championship? No, That thing means nothing. If I wanted a real belt I'd bring my IWE Championship.

Do I fight one of these worthless nobodies? Not worth my time.

I'd challenge someone of worth, But they must be brain dead because none of those guys ever seem to speak up.

So here I am, The biggest name WWC has to offer. Chris Proudfoot, Without a direction, without a goal even. The truth is, This place is so crappy I really don't know where to step. Because no matter where I do, It's going to be a pile of crap. But then I realize something.

I'm Chris Proudfoot, I'm the guy that turns Chicken Shit into Chicken Salad. I'm the man that took Zach Smith and made him a damn Champion, Who took Killian Redd, and put him on the map by actually booking him, when others wouldn't give the kid a second look. I had Chris Aaron, and made him the face of a New Era. For Christs Sake, I revolutionized this industry by having a retarded guy as world champion.. Well I mean, arguably NGCW did it first when Adam Ashes won it. But that's debateable.

At the end of the day. I make shitty situations work. When I'm backed in the corner by Big Gay Billy, I don't bend over and take it like certain people in this company. I Jump up and hit that son of a bitch with a ProudFoot. Rub my sack in his face and break out of prison. I will always make the best of this bad situation. and at the next Pay-Per-View, no matter who I face. I will do just that.

Because I'm issuing The International Wrestling Elite Open Challenge, A chance for a wrestler. That means any one of you morons, be it a Silent main eventer, A nobody who thinks they have a shot, Hell if God himself walks down that ramp I will kick him in the face and pin him 1,2,3.

Any one of you, Wants to face me. Then step up and do so.
As I've said time and time again.

The Future is now, And your future, whoever walks down the ramp to face me, is looking bleak. And That....

That's a Fact.

Proudfoot stomps the cigarette out and walks off, Scene fades to black
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PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 3 Card   

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Warzone Episode 3 Card
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