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 Warzone Episode 5 Card

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Mathias Grey

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Age : 27
Location : New York, NY

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 1:10 am

Main Event
WWC Title #1 Contenders Match
Eric Pierce vs. Zach Smith

Mack Saviors and Apollyon vs. Nightmare and Mathias Grey

Killian Redd vs. Damon Wolfe

Cameron Kray and Nick Jordan vs. J.T. Allen and Dante McCloud

Jimmy Starrr vs. Gianluca Martini

Lucas Samuels vs. Dallas Chains
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Shay Hoxton

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Age : 29

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 1:23 am

The camera come in to the WWC arena, post Jason Spade Slaughter night. Spade has been helped backstage already, in no condition to fight, when Shay Hoxton’s theme song, “Look Pimpin’” begins to play. The crowd erupts with the expectation of Shay Hoxton, when a video plays on the titantron. We see Shay Hoxton in the doctor’s office with his leg taped up. Shay is sitting on a plastic chair, when he looks up at the doc in white.

Hox- So doc, how quickly can I return?

The doctor looks down, unable to make eye contact.

D- Well, Shay… based on the test results… I don’t think you can ever get back into the ring…

Shay begins to laugh.

Hox- Good job, doc, you could be a comedian! Seriously though, give me a time range.

The doctor uncomfortably clears his throat.

D- I’m sorry, Mr. Hoxton, but it doesn’t look good.

Shay’s smile is removed from his face.

Hox- But, but still! One month, ten months, ten years! Anything?

The doctor takes a deep breath.

D- I’m afraid in this condition, you’ll be out of action indefinitely. I’m sorry, Mr. Hoxton, but there’s nothing we can do. I’ll see myself out.

The crowd boos. Shay sits there, staring at the floor, when his uncle, Doug Fister, and his best employee, José “Del Cruz” Hoxtonwalks in.

DF- Wow Shay, bad break. I'm sorry.

JH- You know Shay, I'm born and raised in California, but my parents are from Mexico.

Shay looks up at his most trusted worker.

JH- And they have many connections with many doctors. Some of these doctors have some special tricks that American doctors aren't allowed to do.

Shay looks up with hope in his eyes.

Hox- Seriously?! We're going to Mexico!

Shay attempts to stand up, but José sits him back down.

JH- But Shay, doing this can cause problems. If you go, the media will follow, and in Mexico, they may do some not so nice things to these doctors if they're caught.

Shay's hope leaves his eyes.

Hox- Damnit..

Doug jumps into the conversation.

DF- Wait Shay, what if we go into hiding? If we disappear, the media can't find us.

Shay looks conflicted.

Hox- So my options are to abandon my friends, or abandon my dreams…

Shay takes a deep breath, thinking about the pros and cons.

Hox- I'm sorry everyone, I really am, you all mean so much to me… but… if disappearing will make me a better wrestler… I have to do it. José, you and Stan will come with me, Doug, you're in charge of Hoxton Enterprises.

Shay stands up with his crutches.

José, I'll tell Stan to meet us at the airport. It's time to go… you don't know how hard this is José, so let's leave… before I get second thoughts.

Shay and José leave the room, while Doug takes out his phone, most likely to make a phone call to Stan Kast. The camera fades to black.
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Jason Spade

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 3:15 am

The camera pans into the locker room backstage at WWC WarZone. Jason Spade is sitting on the bench, holding his WWC championship and breathing heavily. Bruises are starting to form on his body and his facepaint has all but completely peeled off. A medical trainer is checking up on him.

"...Well, you've got some severe bruising and I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that you've got a pretty serious case of exhaustion. Aside from that, you should be fine. I recommend you take a week or so off, though."

"Best idea I've heard all night."

The trainer and Spade share a chuckle, before the trainer gets up and grabs his bag and leaves. Spade looks to the camera.

"Shay... Shay, Shay... You poor, poor, simple little man. I'll give you your credit, that was... That was a hell of a night. BUt I'm still here, Shay... I'm not dead. And this title is gonna stay where it is... With me. Nobody else... Mine. It's mine..."

Spade clutches the title to his chest as the camera fades out.
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Eric Pierce

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Join date : 2016-06-01

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 11:59 am

[The scene fades in from black.  The camera is low the the ground, and appears to be in black and white, with a sharp contrast.  We see a concrete floor, and heavy brick walls.  The camera slowly begins to dolly to the left, where we hear exasperated, echoed breathing.  We see a few dumbbells sitting on the ground, scattered.  The breathing grows louder, and faster.  The camera continues to truck left, where we see some vacant treadmills in the distance, and some simple weight machines in the foreground.  As the camera continues to move, the breathing becomes more clear, and less echoed.  The camera slowly comes to a stop, as we land on an older gentlemen doing pushups.  Eric briefly looks up to notice the camera, but then goes back to work.  We hear him counting, under his breath, 87--  88--  89..  The camera slowly pulls back, so we can see the gym surrounding him.  As he finishes his 100, he pulls himself to his knees, and slowly stands.  He picks his water bottle and towel off a nearby bench.  He wipes off his face, and takes a quick swig of water.]

It's been a long time coming..  A very long time, in fact..  

Some of you may know me..  Some of you may not..  

The fact of the matter is that I haven't done this in nearly two decades..  

[Eric slowly begins to walk, while the camera pulls back to give him some room.  Eric reaches out and runs his fingers along the machines that he passes, and eventually reaches a door to the outside.  As he opens the door, the camera is flooded with light.  We then cut to an outside shot of the building, in full color.  It appears to be the NGCW Headquarters building.]

In 1997, I had what I thought would be my final professional wrestling match.  It was for the Worldwide Wrestling Alliance, or WWWA as they referred to themselves by.  And I was their champion..  

All was going well too, until my opponents manager decided to get involved, and ultimately cost me my match, and my knee.  

But that was then..  And this is now..  I've spent the last 19 years behind desks and in meetings..  I can't take it anymore..  I've been having this itch for the better part of the last 5 years..  I need to get back into that ring..  

[Pierce turns a corner, into a courtyard where he has more equipment set up, and walks up to a heavy bag.  He picks up some gloves, and continues to speak, as he puts them on]

I may have some ring rust, as we all saw over a week ago.  And for that, I'd like to apologize to one Cameron Kray..  I got excited, and a little overzealous.  But don't write me off just yet.  I've been training..  I've been working on my cardio..  And come Doomsday, I'll be in the best shape of my life.

But as it turns out -- It appears the powers that be have gone back a little bit on their decision to make me the number one contender for that WWC World Championship..  It appears that now, this week on WWC Warzone..  I'll be facing off with yet another former employee of mine.. Zach Smith.. with the number one contendership on the line.

[Pierce, now throwing punches at the bag between each sentence, stares very intently into the camera]

Smith..  I'm not here to make enemies, but I'm also not here to make any friends..  I'm here to get into the ring with the best athletes this company has to offer..  

Do NOT underestimate me..  But by all means..  Show me what you've got...  

[Pierce continues throwing hard punches into the body of the bag, as the camera peels back, and fades to black]
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Zach Smith

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Join date : 2016-03-09

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 07, 2016 11:19 pm

Zach Smith is shown standing on a rooftop somewhere in Chicago the IWE championship around his waist he is leaning over the balcony as he starts to speak

Last week i got my should we say revenge? against Jason Spade when i pinned him down to the mat for the three count now granted it was after he has had like 4 other matches in the evening but hey a win in this business goes along way and that one did ... because now on the next episode of Warzone i'll be going up against Eric Pierce the man who used to run NGCW and Eric .. well i have all the respect in the world for you as you gave me my first big break in business ... i want that WWC world championship i want to become the first man to hold both the IWE and WWC world championships together at the same time because well one can simply not have too much gold, it's what every man in this business wants a world title

Smith takes a second to pause as he continues to admire the view of the streets and thousands of people walking them down below he turns around and faces the camera as he continues to speak

And Pierce if i have to go through you to get my hands on Jason Spade one more time then that will have to happen because as far as i am concerned me and Spade are 1-1 in battle and it is time that i make it 2-1 as we finish off the trilogy so Eric, come at me with everything you got hit me with your best shot and may the best man win because Eric it's go time

Smith after he finishes talking unclips the IWE title from around his waist and puts it around his shoulder and starts to walk off as the screen fades to black.
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Dallas Chains

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyWed Jun 08, 2016 4:51 pm

*We see Dallas Chains wearing his Lone Star vest over a flannel button up shirt and carharts with a piston in hand. He's on his Ranch, shooting something. One shot, miss, second shot… the sound of shattered glass is heard as Dallas laughs to himself.

Still got it.

*Dallas places the gun in its holster.

Howdy y'all, last week, I did what I said I'd do, quickly and mercifully take out Jason Spade. You're welcome, Spade, if I wasn't a nice guy, you wouldn't have made it to Mathias Grey, let alone beat him.

*Dallas turns, the gravel crunching under him.

Now it's time to do the same to Lucas Samuels. The hands of fate are cruel, and now they're gonna rain down on me like a fist.

*Dallas sighs and shakes his head.

This generation has been ruined by you damn emos. The hands of fate have screwed me, fate has made my life hell, y'all say, but fate, destiny, all of it's just emo mumbo jumbo. You make your own fate every day, Lucas, and the only thing to blame on your shitty life is your own laziness. I bet while you were “shackled” by fate, you did nothin to make your life better. Why? Because fate dictated you hell? Kid, your “fate” was horrible, because you probably did nothin to make it better.

*Dallas spits on the ground, despite his mask covering his mouth.

Now you think you all of a sudden have the power to have the strength and the heart to beat someone like me? Try it, boy.

*Dallas raises his hands in the shapes of guns.

You'll get shot, amigo.
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Lucas Samuels

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Join date : 2016-05-28

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyThu Jun 09, 2016 8:39 am

*camera cuts to a dirty alley. Lucas Samuels is leaning against a wall, smoking a cigarette with a hood over his head, looking at the ground

"Since I've signed with WWC, I've heard the same questions over and over again... Can the kid hang? Has Lucas Samuels got what it takes? What can he do in a fight?"

*Samuels lifts his head up to the camera

"When I was a kid, there was a group of other kids who would run around with toy guns, pretending to be cowboys. Now I didn't have any toy guns and I never really had a lot of friends, so one day I asked them if I could join in and be a cowboy too. They looked at me and said 'nah, you can't play with us. You're poor, you look like a bum, your mum's a skank and your dad's a drunk.' I didn't like that. So what I did was I picked up a small rock, about the size of my small fist... and I threw it at the head of one of them. And then I started hitting him, like really laying into him. And when I stopped to catch my breath, I looked around and saw the looks on the other kids faces. Mouths wide open with fear in their eyes, they were shocked. At that point I knew those kids would never be my friends, but I knew that they'd know not to mess with me. Ever."

*Samuels walks closer to the camera

"And now we're here. All these years later. And I get my shot at Dallas Chains on Warzone 5. And all the guys in the back are going to be watching because they want to see what I've got. Once again I'm going to be in a fight with a cowboy, and when I pummel Dallas Chains, when I beat him, and maim him and use him as an example of what I'm capable of... all those people are going to have the same looks on their faces as those kids did. And they're going to know what I'm all about."

"I'm climbing to the top of WWC. Dallas Chains, I'll see you at Warzone 5... pardner."

*Lucas Samuels throws down his cigarette and steps on it as he walks away
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Location : Kansas City MO

Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyThu Jun 09, 2016 6:08 pm

- Jordan appears with a camera, sitting in a white room with nothing inside but a chair-

Kray! Friend, buddy ole pal, looks like we are gonna have ourselves a little tag action this week, good to see you finally will get to see what it is like in the presence of someone how knows how to wrestle

-Jordan Smirks at the camera-

All good things Kray, no harm no foul baby. But! right now you are the last thing I am worried about till Doomsday, so get your god damn head out of the sky trying to scare your way into a championship. You think that shit with the blood and the chair gonna scare anyone? Boy you are might wrong.

At Warzone you get to be the right hand man on the Suplex Transit and you will get to feel what is like to win for once, but when Doomsday comes.....not only will it be time for your stop on Suplex Transit, but it will be your DOOMSDAY as well!

-Jordan Turns the Camera around revealing a city sign of "Bethnal Green, London" scribbled over it with "Suplex Transit", then panning back to Nick, waving and smiling, while mouthing the words "bye, bye"-
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Killian Redd

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyFri Jun 10, 2016 9:51 pm

Camera kicks on to show Killian in his kitchen, on his phone, with some girl(picture of the girl for visual, you're welcome.) who is just wearing an apron. She's making pancakes and eggs. Warzone Episode 5 Card 1416001201497_wps_6_BEFORE_jpg

Do you know who Damon Wolfe is, babe?

Killian looks up at the girl.

NO, but why does it matter? I'm sure you'll kick his ass whether or not he is known. I'm wondering why Zach Smith is in a number 1 contenders match for the WWC Championship, even though you kicked Zach's ass?

Holy shit, you watch WWC?

The girl chuckles a little bit

Killian, I'm you're agent, and your new recently married wife. Do you remember last night?

Hold the fuck up, there's no way you're my agent. I hired a man to be my agent.

She chuckles again.

Okay, honey bun, I want you to remember last night.

Did you say wife? Last night, I went to the Strip Club with Chris, after we went to the bar...Holy Shit, you were the bartender at the Strip Club. I married a stripper bartender and my new agent. I swear my life is just a fucking sitcom.

Yeah, I'm also just fucking with you. You're not married to me. I am you're agent, though. You fired the other guy because in your word, "He's an asshole. He doesn't do whatever an agent does." and then you called him and fired him. It was kinda douchey, but then you offered me the job and it paid better than stripping and being a bartender. So, I took the job. Also, you did offer your hand in marriage, but I said no, but now since you're sober and shit my answer would be yes.

Killian just stares because her boob fell out of the side of the apron when she tuned around after she said yes.

You know what? I'm not hungry for pancakes. I'm in the mood for...

Killian stops looks at the camera and winks. and looks back at the girl.

Pussy. How about you go upstairs and I'll consider your offer as I move all this shit off the stove?

What wrong with doing it right here? and I haven't been cooking anything, I was just looking busy till you wanted to fuck.

Killian drops his phone.

Where the fuck have you been all my life?

She walks over to Killian.

Killian, shut up.

as they start to kiss Killian looks at the camera and mouths, "Get out." abd the camera shuts off.

Last edited by Killian Redd on Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:37 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Damon Wolfe

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 4:44 am

The camera fades in to reveal a tool rack filled with assorted weapons; an AK-47 assault rifle, two L108A1 light machine guns, several Baretta M9 pistols, an M4 carbine, an RPG, and a broadsword stained with either rust or blood. In the low lighting, it is impossible to tell.

Damon Wolfe: Arrogance is the downfall of both demon, and man. It is the sword that commits the seppuku, and the bullet that ends the game of Russian Roulette. For arrogance leads only to complacency... It leaves the sufferer stagnant, no longer improving or moving forward. This, Killian Redd, is why you cannot defeat me.

Damon Wolfe steps into the frame, wearing his usual sleeveless red coat and black fedora hat. His eyes are obscured, though he appears to be looking at the weapons on the wall.

Damon Wolfe: These weapons on my wall have tasted plenty of arrogance in their day, but you aren't worthy of their bite... I will vanquish you, Killian, with my own two hands. I will put you down and punish you for your sin of pride, and cast you into the Underworld, where my kind will feast upon your soul for eternity. And then I will go on to Doomsday, and I will destroy another man corrupted by the sin of pride... I will crush Chris Proudfoot beneath my boots, just as I will for you, Killian. His Doomsday is approaching... But I fear that yours is approaching far quicker.

Wolfe removes his hat, revealing glowing white eyes.

Damon Wolfe: Dormire bene, insipiens est.
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Killian Redd

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptySun Jun 12, 2016 7:30 pm

Camera comes on to show Killian at his usual gym. He is benching with 4 plates on either side of the bar. As he comes up for the 5th time he racks the bar up, and walks towards the camera.

Look, Damon, I saw your gun show and I have to say it isn't as great as these guns.

Killian starts flexing and showing off his body.

Also, I am not arrogant. Arrogance is when a person thinks he is better than everyone. I'm confident. Confidence is when a person knows he is better than everyone. As for your "Doomsday", I am doomsday. I killed Superman, but still was great enough to replace him. Just like your career, you will be killed by me and then replaced by someone else. So, bring your weapons because I'm going to do to you the same thing I did to your girlfriend, your sister, your mom, and your grandmother because there are no limits I won't go to get a nut off. That came out wrong. Or did it?

Killian winks at the camera.

Seriously though, you bring those weapons and I will break all of them off in your ass. You won't even have the chance to crush Chris Proudfoot beneath your boots because after I'm done with you'll wish you were able to even speak English let alone cast some Harry Potter spell.  I am Killian Redd, The Intergalactic Eater of Pussy and the Pulverizer of Poon, and you're just another pussy waiting to get fucked. That's right Scarface, bitch, recognize.

Killian turns around and goes back benching and the camera goes out.
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Dallas Chains

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 14, 2016 1:44 am

*We see Dallas Chains standing on the gravely ranch during the Texan night in his vest, a WWC tanktop, and blue jeans. Dallas pulls a cigarette out of his pocket and lights it, only to realize smoking is impossible with his mask covering his mouth. He throws the bud on the ground and looks into the camera.

Lucas, partner, I haven't been much of a gentleman to you lately. I allowed you to tell your tearjerker story to the people at home, and never gave you the light of day. Don't worry, y'all don't have to wait no longer.

*Dallas pulls out his gun, and aims it down his driveway.

I hear you're not a big fan of Cowboys and Indians, and instead like to beat up kids with rocks. You know, I'm a merciful man, but bullies like them, probably deserved it. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, that's the American way. Now, you've insulted me, threatened me, bullied me - you could say. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and if you've taught us anything about bullies…

*Dallas puts his gun away, and bends down to pick up a rock.

There's only one way to handle them.

*Dallas throws the rock at the camera, cracking it and knocking it onto the ground.

See you at Warzone, pardner. By the way, nice collection, Wolfe.
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Mathias Grey

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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card EmptyTue Jun 14, 2016 8:27 am

We are shown Mr. Jackson talking on the phone from outside of a cracked office door. He has no idea that the camera is on him.

"Yes, Pierce versus Spade. It will be the match of a lifetime!! Grey thought that Hoxton and Spade would sell out the arena, but that's nothing compared to what I have planned... Smith? Nah, he has no chance... Yes... Yes... Tell the ref to do whatever it takes to make sure that Pierce wins... Okay... Bye..."

The camera shows Mathias Grey standing outside of the door eavesdropping. He walks away as the screen fades to black.
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Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty
PostSubject: Re: Warzone Episode 5 Card   Warzone Episode 5 Card Empty

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Warzone Episode 5 Card
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