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 WWC Synergy Card

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PostSubject: WWC Synergy Card   WWC Synergy Card EmptyWed Apr 13, 2016 9:51 pm

IF YOU WANT TO PROMO, POST IT AS A NEW TOPIC IN THIS FORUM. You can title it what you want, and leave it open to others if you want to. Here's the PPV card...

Iron Duke Bishop vs. Gianluca Martini
Martini is new here and looking to keep his momentum going. Iron Duke Bishop is ready to prove that he's more than just a stepping stone for younger talent.

Opening Match

Cameron Kray vs. J.T. Allen
These two have been at each other's throats since day one. Whether it be on Twitter, in IWE, or here in WWC, these two have what just may be a potential feud of the year going on. Right now it is definitely the biggest buzz in WWC/IWE news. At the PPV one man will be walking out of that match the victor, and one will be taken out in a casket!!

IC Title Match
Normal Match

Killian Redd vs. Nick Jordan
Killian Redd has been making an impact in both WWC and IWE since NGCW closed down. He's beaten some of the top names in this business, and now sees himself in an IC Title Match. But then on the other side of the ring we have Nick Jordan, a newcomer to the business. He's been impressive so far, but does he have what it takes to become the first ever WWC IC Champion?

Handicap Tag Team Match
Apollyon and Nightmare vs. Zach Smith
Zach Smith seems to have made one of the biggest mistakes in his careers when he picked Mathias Grey as his stepping stone to the IWE Title. Ever since he defeated Grey at Destiny in IWE, Mathias has had it out for the champ. This is just one of the many examples, Zach Smith going one on two against two monsters. Let's hope that he can survive this, let alone think about winning.

#1 Contender Match for the WWC Title
Shay Hoxton vs. Jimmy Starr
Both of these men came up short in the WWC Title Tournament. But this is there second chance. Both are known for using dirty tactics, so this one sure should be interesting.

Steel Cage Match
Chris Proudfoot vs. Masked Man
Everyone thinks that the masked man is Suraci. But at the PPV we might get to see for sure!! There will be no where for the masked man to run!! If Proudfoot can beat him, there's no reason why he won't be able to unmask him for all to see!!

WWC Title Match
Jason Spade vs. Noah Black
This match was in the making for a while, but was never able to happen due to NGCW's temporary closure. But here in WWC, Spade and Black will get the chances to settle things once and for all.. With the World Title on the line!!
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WWC Synergy Card
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