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 WEEK 2 MATCH CARD (Week 1 Results)

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: WEEK 2 MATCH CARD (Week 1 Results)   Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:37 pm

WWC Warzone's theme song blasts from the PA system as the camera scans throughout the thousands in attendance showing off their WWC merchandise and homemade signs; "Bet on Hoxton", "Jay Vegas Baby!!", "T.J. Allen Sucks!!" We are brought to the commentary table where Mark Murdock is standing by, eager to kick off the first ever Live WWC Warzone event for the millions watching at home.

Mark Murdock
Ladies and gentleman welcome to the first ever WWC Warzone Live event!! We're live here in Reno, Nevada!! Home to Shay Hoxton!! My name of course, is Matt Murdock, and I for one can not wait for tonight's show!!! Mathias Grey said earlier tonight that EVERY match will be a tournament match!! Let's look at the brackets!!


J.T. Allen picks as his manager:
Both men seemed to have forgotten everything that they had learned about professional wrestling in this one. This wasn't a wrestling match, it was an all out brawl!! This was a face bashing, knee mashing, chair smashing, body crashing, NO DQ fight, and the fans were loving every second of it!! Both men gave it their all, but in the end Cameron Kray was able to hit his Package Piledriver and go for the pin....


James Cross vs. Killian Redd
After a hard fought match, Killian Redd is able to hit the Crowd Pleaser and go for the pin!!

Jason Spade vs.  Zach Smith
Smith takes control of the match from the get-go. Spade is able to turn the tides after a commercial break. He hits the Ace of Spades and goes for the pin..​

Shay Hoxton vs. 3 Local Competitors
Jay Vegas, being fired earlier tonight, wasn't able to compete against Shay. So instead Mathias sent out three local competitors to face the hometown hero. Shay made quick work, hitting an array of moves on all of the competitors to the crowd's delight. Once Shay has had enough he piles all three of the competitors on top of one another and goes for the pin...

Jimmy is in the ring as we come back from commercial. Christopher Aaron's theme plays as Jimmy Starr looks towards the stage with a smug expression.


Noah Black vs. Apollyon
The match is a blur of black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow... Noah Black refused to let Apollyon's size be an issue to him in this match. He has the advantage from the start of the match to the end of the match!! That is of course, until Apollyon, having just reached the ropes after almost passing out to the Fade To Black, gets to his feet like a man possessed. He then proceeded to Chokeslam Black and go for the pin..​

Chris Proudfoot makes his entrance before we go to commercial break.






(Here's the Videos we streamed for Week 1 Warzone. Next week will be actual matches recorded on WWE 2K 16 like IWE and NGCW does. This week we were still DLing CAWS and just wanted to get a show together.)

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WEEK 2 MATCH CARD (Week 1 Results)
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