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 Shay Hoxton vs. Christopher Aaron

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: Shay Hoxton vs. Christopher Aaron   Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:37 pm



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Shay Hoxton

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PostSubject: Re: Shay Hoxton vs. Christopher Aaron   Tue Mar 15, 2016 5:02 pm

[size=58]The camera comes in to the WWC arena during the untelevised house show pre-show. The crowd are cheering, wondering what they get for showing up early. A small “Dub dub C” chant is echoing, when the Titantron shows an odd table backstage. There's nothing special, just a close up of the wooden structure. Suddenly, two dice roll onto it, one landing a •• and the other landing on •. The crowd cheer as a man in black pants what's past the table, his face not shown. The Titantron goes black, and an unknown theme plays. “Look Pimpin” by Madworld blares throughs the speakers, and out walks a man backwards in a bright red leather jacket. He seems to take something off his waist, and raises the NGCW Championship. The crowd erupt as he quickly spins to show off the infamous smirk of Shay Hoxton - gambler and comedian of NGCW Live. He throws the title onto his shoulder and walks down to the ring. When in ring, he gives a hand signal, and is thrown a microphone. The song cuts out and he raises the mic.[/size]

[size=58]Well howdy ladies and lasses.[/size]

[size=58]The crowd cheers for Hoxton, forcing a smile on the face of the beloved cheater.[/size]

[size=58]Well, I expected a little more confusion, but I guess you guys know me pretty well, eh? So, the majority of you probably know me, but for the few who don't, how about a quick heart to heart?[/size]

[size=58]My name, is Shay Hoxton, master of the dice, owner of the devastating 21, perfume entrepreneur, and the man who the strongest one-two down under![/size]

[size=58]Shay drop to one knee, and delivers a devastating uppercut to the groin of the air.[/size]

[size=58]But it wouldn't be very fun if I ruined all of my surprises, now would it?[/size]

[size=58]He stands and smirks at the enthusiasm that the WWC audience brings.[/size]

[size=58]Now tonight, you all get the pleasure of watching me face Christopher Aaron. “Who?” I hear you ask. Well, just imagine Jesus came back to Earth, and became an Assassin's Creed fan.[/size]

[size=58]Shay looks into the camera and winks.[/size]

[size=58]All allusions aside, I'd be lying if I said I was better than him. He's beaten me once in our sister company, IWE. Now, is he better than me because of it? Hell no. I'm a gambling man, and if we believe in anything, it's luck. Now Christopher certainly isn't a man of just luck, no no no, he's been on a fiery hot streak in fact. He's beaten Matt Fury for the IWE Intercontinental Title, and I'm pretty sure the Christian's Creed wannabe is undefeated. So does that mean he IS unbeatable? Ask Conor McGregor, ask Holly Holm, ask Ronda Rousey, ask me. Having a hot streak means nothing in this business, and you'd be stupid to think a “w” will be handed to you on a silver platter, so I implore you A-aron, don't take this fight lightly. You know what, actually, do! It will make my job a lot easier.[/size]

[size=58]Shay smirks at the audience.[/size]

[size=58]So ladies and lasses, stay tuned, because Shay Hoxton brings you REAL action, REAL drama, and REAL bloodshed tonight on WWC, and that's not a bet, it's a guarantee![/size]

[size=58]Shay throws the microphone out of the ring as Look Pimpin plays once more. Hoxton embraces the cheers as the camera fades to black.[/size]
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Shay Hoxton vs. Christopher Aaron
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