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 Shay Hoxton vs. Jay Vegas

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: Shay Hoxton vs. Jay Vegas   Thu Mar 17, 2016 2:02 am

Promos for this match can be posted here
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Shay Hoxton

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PostSubject: Re: Shay Hoxton vs. Jay Vegas   Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:13 am

The camera comes into the cloudy Nevada afternoon. The camera pans around the city, only to focus on a medium sized building in the outskirts of Reno. The building is labeled with bright red letters, “Hoxtein Headquarters”. We pan into the upper part of the building to see Shay Hoxton lying on his black leather couch in the home part of his company. He has a party horn in his mouth and a yellow sombrero on his head. Three Mexican men are standing in front of Hoxton, singing a song in Spanish. The meaning is unclear, but the words can be heard. “Feliz cumpleaños querida Hoxton, feliz cumpleaños ¡para ti!”. Shay then blows the horn in his mouth, and spits it out.

Y muchos más, mi amigos, y muchos más.

The men cheer, and Shay jumps up from his couch.

Now as fun as a little celebration is, this is a business, so get back to work!

The men groan and leave the room. Shay removes his sombrero and looks into the camera. Something about him is oddly different, as his hair is a dark shade of crimson with a black patch on the left side of his hair.

Speaking of business, howdy ladies and lasses, my name is Shay Hoxton, but you already knew that.

Now, loyal members of the House of Hoxton, if there is one thing that I, the great Shay Hoxton, cannot stand - it's traitors. More specifically, when people betray ME.

Shay moves his left hand in the air, as if he's setting a scene.

Now long ago, back in the crappy period that was the House of Cards, Jay Vegas was nothing more than my young protégé. That kid was an innocent little snowflake, and I personally trained him to be the best - well, second best. Things were looking great, until our team shattered like the dreams of Christopher Aaron. Our manager - Lexi Monize - bitched out on us and left the company all together, our enforcer - Matt Blackheart - left to do stuff with kids or something… honestly I wasn't listening, and that left Vegas and I. Well, because I'm awesome and he's… well… not bad… he became a jealous little pissy pants, and betrayed me in the lamest say possible. He… threw a dart at a picture of me. How anticlimactic, am I right? Most students betray their teachers physically, or by betraying them, but not Jay. You see, Jay Vegas is a special case, despite being legally a male, he was born without testicles. Of course, I can't guarantee that, but I'd say there's a 101% chance of that being true with a 1% chance of error.

Shay nonchalantly blows of the thought.

Anyways, this is a match many people have wanted to see, and it's finally here. WHO will win? WHO will lose? WHO is the father? All this and more will be answered at WWC… Live… I think that's the name.

Shay stands with a combination of confidence and arrogance.

After the death of this rivalry, however, will birth the dawn of a new era. The era… of Shaydiness. After I win the WWC Heavyweight Championship, the world of wrestling will be filled with more cheap shots than ever before. I will make the low blow a common move, make the eye rake a household name, and most importantly, make the world famous Dick Kick undisputedly in the top ten best finishers list. The ropes with be used as leverage, the throats will be punched, the cheapness will emulate throughout the entire Corporation! WWC is about to get a lot shaydyer, baby, and that's not a bet, but a guarantee.

Shay smirks and winks into the camera. The scene fades to black.
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Shay Hoxton vs. Jay Vegas
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