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PostSubject: Logan   Logan EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 1:11 am

Tokyo, Japan
180 lbs

Diving 450 Splash
3 German Suplex
Running Knee
"Ear Shatterer" (Roundhouse)


Logan is deaf. But he doesn't let that stop him in the ring. He has trained and won titles all over Japan, Mexico, and Europe. He plans on doing the same in America and in the WWC.

We are shown the wrestler who came so close to defeating Chris Proudfoot last night. Logan is Japanese, and he has another Japanese man in a suit standing next to him. There is a WWC interviewer standing by with the two men.

Ladies and gentleman, I'm standing by with the man who just took Chris Proudfoot to his limits in tonight's main event!!

The interviewer looks towards the translator.

So does Logan understand English at al?

Oh he does. He understands it fully. His knowledge of the English language is not why I am here. I am here because Logan is deaf. He can read your lips, but he prefers to speak in sign language.

Logan begins to sign towards the translator.

He's very happy to be here in WWC, and in this interview.

Well we feel the same way about him.. I still can't believe that he-err, that you Logan, are deaf. How do you compete in the ring without being able to hear?

Logan signs towards the translator

He believes that his lack of hearing helps him focus in the ring on what's really important. Whether the crowd cheers or boos, he can't hear it. All he knows is that he's out there giving it his best, and in the past his best has been able to get the job done.

You can say that again. I haven't watched many promotions over seas, however I did my research. You have a very impressive wrestling background. Being trained in Europe, Japan, and Mexico. Not to mention winning World Titles around the world. Do you think you have what it takes to do the same here in America? Here in WWC?

Logan signs to the translator

The wrestlers here are impressive, that much is for sure. Chris Proudfoot proved last night that these WWC wrestlers are the best of the best. Logan looks forward to the challenge.

How do you feel about your opponents tonight? Killian Redd and Zach Smith?

Logan begins to sign to the translator.

Logan has heard of both of these men. He hasn't had the pleasure of facing either in the past, but he looks forward to tonight. He's going to focus on what he sees tonight, to make up for what he can't hear. He'll be able to see who is tiring, who is the better option to pin. Logan is a wrestling machine.. And tonight he's going to show the WWC and America why!

Well I can't wait for tonight's opening match!! Logan versus Killian Redd versus Zach Smith!!! Thanks for the interview Logan, and good luck tonight!!

Logan bows and he and his translator walk away.
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