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 WWC House Shows Results

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: WWC House Shows Results   Thu Apr 07, 2016 4:39 am

WWC Had (2) House Shows Stream Recently.

For those who missed it here are the results..

Tag Team Over The Top Rope Royal Rumble Match
Teams (in order)

Nightmare and Apollyon
Logan and Jason Spade
Noah Black and Shay Hoxton
James Cross and Eliot McCreary
Dante McCloud and
Jimmy Starr and Mathias Grey
Iron Duke Bishop and Chris Proudfoot
Killian Redd and JT Allen
Zach Smith and Cameron Kray

The Team of Shay Hoxton and Noah Black won, and each won $2,500 WWC Dollars. Shay Hoxton eliminated J.T. Allen to win the rumble.

We also had a Team Proudfoot vs. Team Kray Match

Opening Match
Zach Smith (Kray) defeated Killian Redd (Proudfoot)

Tag Match
Shay Hoxton and Noah Black (Proudfoot) defeated Apollyon and Nightmare (Kray)

Kray, Jordon, McCloud, Cross (Kray) defeated Starr, Bishop, Logan, Allen (Proudfoot)

Main Event
Spade (Kray) defeated Proudfoot (Proudfoot)

Cameron Kray's team won $8,000 to be split amongst the team based on Kray's decision. Spade, Smith, and Jordon each got $1,000. Dante, Cross, Apollyon, and Nightmare each got $500. Cameron Kray got $3,000.

If you want to watch the videos for these House Shows let me know and I can give you the links, or you can look it up, it's on the "WWC Wrestling" youtube channel!!
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WWC House Shows Results
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