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 Mathias Grey

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Mathias Grey

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Age : 27
Location : New York, NY

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PostSubject: Mathias Grey   Mathias Grey EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 1:01 am

Mathias Grey
New York, NY
200 lbs

Agent Orange "Seek and Destroy"

Double Knee Armbreaker
Superman Punch
Triangle Lock "Triborough Lock"
Movie Star Kick
Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Arm Focused Attacks

NGCW: 14-3
IWE: 1-0
WWC: 0-0

Former NGCW Tag Team Champion (x2)
Former NGCW Extreme Champion
Currently in the Destiny Main Event for the IWE Title

Mathias is from New York, NY but currently resides in Hollywood, CA. He started off in NGCW as a hard hitting, smash talking, Ex-MMA Star gone bad. He was rough around the edges in the ring, but he got the job done, becoming a 2X Tag Team Champion with Jimmy Starr. He then had a "breakdown" and went "crazy", but it all turned out to be an act. He won the NGCW Extreme Championship during this time. He finally left wrestling to pursue his acting career. He returned to NGCW disguised as Bookie Harvey, having been banned from NGCW for breaching his contract. He then joined IWE and created WWC once NGCW shut down.

Mathias Grey
Adam Ashes. I'm going to make this brief, I've become a busy man as of late now that I'm not only a successful movie star as well as a successful wrestler, but am also a soon to be successful wrestling promotion owner once the first WWC Warzone Live Show debuts later this week!

Mathias Grey
Chris Proudfoot is a smart man. He knows what will put people in the seats. Just like I do. That's why I have him in the main event of WWC Warzone this week, because he sells out arenas. Chris knows that I; Mathis Grey, also sell seats. He knows that Adam Ashes sells seats. So he knows that tonight's main event is crucial for Destiny. If Adam and I can pull off the victory, then that PPV will be sold out no less than five minutes after our hands are raised. Chris knows this, and that's why he not only wants us to win, he needs us to win..

Mathias Grey
Now, I don't Adam.. I am already making enough money from WWC, and I have all the fame I could ask for in the movie industry. So why should I care if we win tonight Adam? The fans?... Don't make me laugh... No. Unlike you Adam, I have other things going for me other than IWE. You need this... I don't... These people need this.. I don't... But.... But..

Mathias Grey
But because I respect Chris Proudfoot, I'm going to go out there and win that main event for us tonight. Yeah, that's right. I'm used to singlehandedly winning tag team matches from my Grey Matter days. I can do it tonight if need be. But just know I'm not doing it for you Adam. No. I could care less about what you think of me at the end of the night. I'll knock your ass out and take on those two fools myself if need be.. I'm doing this because it's what Chris Proudfoot wants, because he knows it's what's best for this company.. And hey, getting the opportunity to embarrass you at Destiny, well that's just an added bonus.. See you tonight bub..
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Mathias Grey
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