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PostSubject: Apollyon   Apollyon EmptyFri Apr 01, 2016 12:08 am

"The Devil's Basement"
320 lbs.

"The Destroyer" (Corner Body Splash)
"Devil's Horns" (Headbutt)
The Serpent's Slam (Spinebuster)
Punches, Slams, Power Moves, Underhanded Tactics.


Apollyon believes himself to be a demon from hell, sent to earth by the Devil himself to create an army of demons by finding the most evil of souls on earth and bringing them to hell.. Or by finding purest of souls and corrupting them, and ultimately bringing them too to hell. Ever since coming to earth he has become limited by his human body. He used to soar through the depths of hell, leap fire mountains with ease, and crush cities in the palms of his hands.. But now he is bigger than most humans, he is stronger than most humans, but he is still... human. He feels emotions that he never felt before. And he blames this on the devil. Apollyon claims that his master never told him that by coming to earth, and by doing his masters bidding, he would become that which he despises; human.. After all they were created by god, and the devil's demons and God don't get along too well..

We are shown the locker room of none other than Apollyon. Judging by the camera angle the camera man appears to be outside the door looking in. Apollyon is unaware of the camera. He punches a hole straight through his locker, he than picks up the wooden bench and smashes it against the wall. Judging by the attire of Apollyon, one can assume that this video is being taken right after his match with Noah Black.

I don't understand!!! You put me here for one purpose!! ONE PURPOSE! Yet you have taken away what makes me who I am!! My strength!! My power!! I am Apollyon!! I am The Destroyer!!.. Or I was.. Now I'm... Now YOU have made me like them, the very people I am here to end!! To bring back to our domain!!.. How do you expect me to fulfill my purpose if I am as weak as the rest of these filthy humans??! HOW!!

Apollyon throws a chair against the wall.

Is this some cruel joke? Are you sitting at your throne laughing at me? Are my brothers gathered around watching me fail time and time again on this God forsaken earth?? What did I do to deserve this?!?

Apollyon grits his teeth.

What must I do? What must I do to please you? What must I do for you to make me whole once again? To make me powerful. To make me worthy of the name Abbadon once more....  I'll do anything.. Anything.. I'll prove it tonight against Jimmy Starr. I'll break him in half. I'll do it for you..

Apollyon suddenly looks to his right, noticing the cameraman.

You just made a big mistake.. I may not be as strong as I used to be. I may be stuck in this flesh suit, bound by it's limitations.. But even with these limitations I am still stronger than you, and I am bigger.. But most importantly, I feel now.. I feel emotions.. And right now.. Right now I'm feeling angry... That's not good for you.. Not at all...

Apollyon smashes the camera. The screen goes black.
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