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 Nightmare vs. Dante McCloud

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: Nightmare vs. Dante McCloud   Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:19 pm

These two newcomers go one on one tonight in both of their WWC debut matches. Nightmare is a monster, and Dante is just crazy.. Things should be interesting.

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PostSubject: FOLLOWER OR VICTIM   Thu Mar 31, 2016 12:16 am

A quick and loud graphic plays before the camera cuts to footage of a man who is 6'10 tall standing in a dark and smokey area. The man is wearing a dark red towel that covers up his face.

"It all started...a month ago. It began just when I thought it was over. I could never forget it, to be exact it all started on the 28th of Febuary. On that dark day...I was lost, weak, and hopeless. I had no clue on who I was, where I was, and what my purpose was on this iniquitous world. I was lost."

The man slowly looks up from the ground and into the camera.

"But on that same day I was lost...I was found. His Damien, but he prefers for me to call him...Master Damien. Master Damien told me that I was no longer lost, no longer weak, and no longer hopeless. Master Damien told me that I am special, he told me that I am not a wicked human, he told me that I was a gift from the fires of hell! He told me... that I was the only one worthy of a second chance. I am  grateful that I was given another chance after an eternity of torment, suffering, and agony.

The camera zooms closer to the man's face that is being covered by the towel.

"Therefore, I have allowed Master Damien to guide me in this evil place. He guides me to rid this world of sinners, he guides me to persuade others to allow him to take control of themselves, and soon...Dante McCloud will either become the first person to join me and Master Damien, or he will be our first victim."

The video ends with a jumpscare.
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Dante McCloud

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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare vs. Dante McCloud   Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:43 am

"My name is Dante Strider "Rad" Wolf Duke Slayer McCloud... However you can call me Dante McCloud!! I'm not usually serious, but I'll seriously be serious for a minute, after all what I'm about to tell you is seriously serious.. Seriously.. So, I have a rare disease called Congenital insensitivity to pain, or CIP for short although no one knows what CIP is so they just end up asking "what does CIP meaaaaan?" which makes me have to say Congenital insensitivity to pain anyways so really saying CIP isn't that short of a way of saying it, it's just a bunch of letters that makes saying it longer in the long run... Anyways, it's also known as congenital analgesia. Or CA for short, just kidding they don't call it CA, that's California. Now what CIP means is that I can't feel physical pain. I mean, I can still touch things and feel that I'm touching it, but it's numb, so for instance I can't feel temperature, however I know that my body is smoking hoooot!!!.. I've had my jaw broken without knowing it, my arm fractured without feeling it, my nose shattered with a smile on my face.. Some say it's a blessing, but it's not.. It's a curse. .. After all it's called a disease.. But at least I don't have the same disease as my opponent tonight.. Nightmare.. His disease is clearly insanity!!! Master Damien??.. He either sounds like he's in a colt or completely bonkers!!.... Can you believe that Brad hasn't let me stop talking yet? Yeah, Brad's the guy who is writing all this. People think I'm crazy, but I know the truth. He sits there on his computer desk typing away, pretending that he's me.. Yet I'm the one who has to take the beatings. He just sits there and writes about them. It's very selfish.. The doctors gave me pills, they said that I'm hallucinating, and that I'm crazy, you know, kind of like Nightmare. But I'm not.. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE BRAD, DO---"

Dante smacks himself in the face.

"What the.. Really? This again? You see what I mean people!! He thinks he's so funny, making me hit myself and make a fool of myself whenever I try to call him out. I'm telling you, once day you'll all see.. You can call me crazy now, and give me pills which I refuse to take.. Just kidding I take them..."

He doesn't

"Shut up!!! No matter what promotion I go to, no matter which wrestlers I try to talk to.. NO ONE BELIEVES ME!! They say I'm crazy!!! At least I don't believe that there's a "Master Damien" who wants me to take sinners back to hell by day, and make love to sex dolls at night.. Don't lie Nightmare, we know that's what you do on your spare time, don't be embarrassed, it's 2016, those dolls are becoming very realistic.. Anyways.. WWC will be different!! I'll finally convince someone that this is all a façade!! That the fans, the wrestlers, all of this is jus-"

Dante smacks himself in the face

".. Really? I can't even feel tha-

Dante smacks himself again and again. Even though he can't feel it it still keeps him from talking.

"Really?!?!? Stop making me hit myself!! STOP MAKING ME HIT MYSELF!!... Do you see what I have to deal with!!.....Wait a minute.. Pink, Really? What, you're going to make me talk in pink in hopes that I'll stop talking? WELL IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK, I'M NO-!!"

One of Dante's personal Medical Staff members comes up to him

"Dante, you promised to stop ranting about how we're all just characters, and how there are people sitting at computers and smart phones controlling our lives like the Matrix.. That's what got you sent to the looney-bin, you don't want to go back right? You promised that you would stop."

"Brad sent you didn't he? Every time I start to talk about it one of you just magically shows up!! Why doesn't anyone believe me!! I'm talking in pink for crying out loud!! I wouldn't do that on purpose!! Wh-

"Dante... You can't talk in colors.. We already went over this.. Now how about you go take your pills and we shut this camera off.."

Dante slaps himself a few more times which forces the Medical Staff members to restrain him. The cameras shuts off.
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PostSubject: Re: Nightmare vs. Dante McCloud   

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Nightmare vs. Dante McCloud
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