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 2 New Contract Signings (Promo)

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Mathias Grey

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2 New Contract Signings (Promo) Empty
PostSubject: 2 New Contract Signings (Promo)   2 New Contract Signings (Promo) EmptyWed Mar 30, 2016 11:18 pm

Mathias Grey
Ladies and gentleman, it is I, your COO, Mathias Grey. Although I know that your day becomes worth living when I grace you with my presence, I'm going to have to make this short and sweet. I have a few contracts to go over and a certain Destiny Match to prepare for.. However I'm here tonight, taking time out of my busy schedule, yes you're welcome, to talk about the contracts that I'm about to go over...

Mathias Grey
Apollyon, you better make room, because the first contract is for another monster!! A demon even!!! His name... Is Nightmare!!!! I don't know much about him, but from what I've heard he's an insane man who doesn't know much about his past. He claims that he hears a voice in his head that guides him and informs him. He calls that voice Master Damien I heard.. Nightmare believes that he is a demon from hell that was given another chance in the world. He claims that Master Damien orders him to remove sinners from this world.. So for all those sinners out there on the WWC Roster... You better watch out..

Mathias Grey
The next contract signing.. Well, it was an interesting contract signing to say the least.. This man is uh.. Well... Different.. Some would say crazy.. Insane maybe. But he knows what he's doing in that ring... Well.. Let me rephrase that.. He knows how to take a beating in that ring.. But somehow he always finds a way to get back up and shock the crowd with that bone shattering "Nose-breaker" of his.. I think that's what he calls it.. Anyways, this man goes by the name of... And I hope I don't get this wrong... Dante Strider "Rad" Wolf Duke Slayer McCloud... Well that's what he wrote down here on the contract.. But I think he was just being a dick.. So... We're just going to go ahead and call him Dante McCloud..

Mathias Grey
Anyways.. Tonight... Nightmare will be going one on one with.. You guessed it.. Dante McCloud!!!
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2 New Contract Signings (Promo)
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