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 How does WWC work?

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: How does WWC work?   Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:58 pm

When can I start promoing?
Anyone's allowed to promo as a created wrestler on WWC. However you will not be featured on the roster or on the match cards until you fill out a contract BY CLICKING HERE.

Are WWE Wrestlers allowed in WWC?
No. This is strictly a league for user created wrestlers. This means no WWE, TNA, ROH, ect. stars are to be featured or referenced to on the shows.

Can I talk about other leagues/feds my wrestler has been in?
Yes. As long as their owners are okay with it we are. We are currently working to become affiliates with other leagues/feds that are similar to ours such as IWE and NGCW.

How do the matches work?
They are recorded with commentary, uploaded to youtube, and from there put onto the site. The winner is based on the weeks promos as well as storyline factors. However, the more active you are on the site, the better chances you have of pulling off more victories than defeats!!

How do promos work?
Most promos are to be featured as video packages pre-recorded by the wrestler or his crew before the LIVE shows backstage, at their house, in their city, ect.. However each week ONE wrestler will be given a chance to make in-ring promos to be included in the LIVE show in between matches.

If I am NOT chosen to be given an in-ring promo during the LIVE show, where do I promo?
There will a forum for each match of the week in the "Shows and Promos" category that can be found if you CLICK HERE, these forum will  be dedicated to promos regarding its match. There will also be a forum for non match related promos. These promos are to be featured anywhere other than WWC ring while the LIVE show is going on (so it can be at your wrestlers house, city, a club, the locker room, ect.. The ring is reserved to those chosen to promo on the LIVE show) .

If I AM chosen to give an in-ring promo for the LIVE show, where do I post that promo?
There will also be a forum at the top of the "Shows and Promos" category where all of the matches will be posted. It is here that the featured in ring promo for the LIVE show can be posted. The selected wrestler will be allowed to either cut a solo promo, or call out ONE other wrestler to the ring to exchange words with in front of the live crowd. The featured promo will greatly effect your rankings because it is in front of the Live Crowd, so don't waste the opportunity if given it!!!!
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How does WWC work?
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