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PostSubject: Farewell   Farewell EmptyThu Aug 18, 2016 3:14 am

*The camera opens up to the WWC Warzone Arena. Killian's music and titiantron come on and Killian makes his way down the ring, but he isn't show gloating. He's not with Kaitelyn. He's just walking into the ring in a black and white suit and he is clean shaving. The crowd is confused. Killian enters the ring and asks for a Mic.*

[Killian] Good even-

*Killian chokes on his words. He clears his throat*

[Killian] Good evening. I'm out here with some bad news. I have to retire.

*A gasp is heard from across the arena. Crow's begins to chant, "Please don't go.". Killian begins to tear up.

[Killian] I don't want to go, but some shit happened and I can't wrestle any longer. I wanted to come out here to thank each and everyone of you who always cheered and sometimes jeered for me. I will like to thank my trainer, Wade Orion William's. I'd also like to thank Dalton Crooks for getting me in NGCW and introducing the greatest friends I'll ever have.

*The entire WWC locker room comes out and begins to applaud Killian and the crowd begins to join.*

[Killian] I'd also like to thank my best friend, Chris Proudfoot. He always believed in me since my debut back at Ultimatum.

*The arena grows louder and Killian puts down the Mic. He wipes away his tears and looks around the arena and smiles. He walks out of the ring and heads backstage as he receives a standing ovation from the entire arena. And the titiantron shows a video of Killian's highlights of his career. And it stops on a still image of the Bagel Club after they won the WWC tag team championship. Words in red appear and they read, "Bagel Club. Gone, but never forgotten." The camera takes one last look at the crowd and goes black.*
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