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 WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout

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PostSubject: WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout   Sat Jul 30, 2016 2:12 am

WWC Warzone Card:

Jimmy Starr vs Ginaluca Martini: Number 1 Contender Match for the Hardcore Championship

Blake Adams vs Craig Sutton

Black Dahlia vs Jessica Quinn

IC Title Match No Holds Barred

Nick Jordan vs Cameron Kray

Killian vs Crossbones

WWC Championship Match
Chris Proudfoot vs Jason Spade

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Shay Hoxton

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PostSubject: Re: WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout   Sat Jul 30, 2016 3:31 am

The camera comes in to the WWC Arena, the crowd chanting in excitment for the upcoming house show.

The music of Dallas Chains plays, and the crowd begins to boo. Dallas walks out to the stage and makes guns with his hands. He takes his bright red cowboy hat off and covers his groin area with it. Dallas makes some "magical" hand motions, and puts the hat away. IWE's Heavyweight Championship is sticking out of his tights, and Dallas moves his hips forward, shaking his title like his big, long, lasso down under. Dallas walks down the ramp and does a small spin. He slides into the ring and holds his hands open. The time keeper throws Dallas a microphone, and Dallas brings it up to his mask.

Howdy ladies and lasses. Y'all miss me?

The crowd boos, and small insults such as, "traitor!" and "fake!" are shouted at him.

Of course you did! Don't worry, I missed y'all too. Bang bang, baby, introducing the greatest cowboy that eva lived, the dick kickin, uh, I don't know anything that rhymes with kickin off the the top of my head... Oh well! Who needs multiple nicknames when you can kick dicks, eh?

Dallas laughs, the boos not letting up.

Oh, come on now, don't be such debby downers! You get to hear the IWE Champion speak his words of wisdom and blow your minds with TRUTH. Ever since I was born, I was determined to be the greatest that ever lived, to do more than be just another farmer like my pop and his, so I put in the works to get into the big leauges. I spent years of my life working garbage hometown shows, just for the oppurtunity to finially make it to a place like NGCW. As soon as I'm ready to prove myself to my boss, some small, talentless, vanilla midget hit me with a chair and steals my thunder. He stole the excitment people had for me, he stole the trust my friends had for me, he crippled my career before it even started. Oh well, boo hoo, who cares? Fact of the matter was I started my training first, so I would have the privillage of main event status far before him. That fact kept me going day in and day out, that is, until that hack from before upsets the world by attacking a champion MONTHS before I could be givin my shot. Oh, I'm pissed, I'm royally pissed, but I decided that I would show him, I would make... history. That year, we were both in a certain tournament, and I was ready, willing, and gable to make my way up to him and prove I was the best. That is, of course, until I broke my ankle and had to watch as he made his way to the finals. I worked my ass of more, crafting a rivalry that will forever go in history, but nobody cared, they were to high off the aura of this... this...

Dallas growls to himself.

I had to watch as this theif was handed a title shot despite all of MY hard work, I had to watch as I was ignored in favor of somebody with far less talent then me. Quite possibly, the happiest moment of my life was watching him cry like a bitch to a simple submission hold...  He then had to watch as HE fell down the ranks, and I captured the World Championship, as I beat the people he couldn't, as I was given the support if his fans when they could care less about him, and god did it feel good!

Dallas basks in the glorious memories.

Sadly, the company ran out of buisness, and so did my glory. That is, of course, until out of the ashes, rose WWC. I quickly proved myself as top talent, showed that I was the best in WWC, yet for some reason it was him who was given a title shot. No worries I thought, I'll earn a shot, and beat him. So I did just that, I earned my shot, I went to challenge him like a man, like his better, and he knew he couldn't beat me, oh baby he knew. He's a true coward, someone who hides behind his make up because he knows he's not good enough for the real world,  he knew when he fought me, any doubt that he was the better man would run out, so he attacked me, he broke my knee...

Dallas looks down to the mat and laughs.

But I have connections. I had a backstreet doctor rip out my shattered knee cap, and replace it with a metal one. I had a guy to run my company, and emulate that I was gone. I had a guy who could get me Texan land... so I used my resources. I devised a plan to come back, hidden in plain site, all just to fuck with HIM. I abandoned my friends, my family, to prove once and for all that I'M the better man. When your precious WWC Champion went to add more gold to his name...

Dallas pats his IWE Belt.

I knew it was the time to strike. I knew it was time to do what he did to me all the way back in my training days. I knew it was time to blindside the motherfucker, and that's exactly what I did. He thinks he's the best wrestler in history, well personally, I think i finally proved who the true best is once and for all, and that's not a-

Before Dallas can finish, Jason Spade's music hits, the crowd immediately cheering. The man himself walks onto the stage, microphone in one hand and the WWC Championship in the other. Spade looks around, evidently surprised by the positive crowd reaction, before raising his microphone to his mouth. The crowd continues cheering and Spade laughs, before speaking.

Y'know, Dallas... You, uh... You talk a lot. Like, a lot. And I gotta be honest, you uh... You hurt my feelings a little bit. I mean, "vanilla midget"? I'm not that short, man, come on.

There is a small amount of laughter in the crowd.

Jokes aside-

Dallas immediately cuts Jason off.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings man, I'm just a little upset after you BROKE MY GODDAMN LEG.

Shay, please, inside voices... No need to shout, I can hear you. And you're right, I did break your leg... And that wasn't nice, that wasn't a very nice thing to do. But you see, Shay... While I'm painfully aware that all of my misfortunes as of late are my own fault, I just can't find any reason to regret what I did to you. In fact, given the opportunity, I'd probably do it again... You see, because you were getting complacent. You were starting to think that the two of us were on the same level... Buddies, even. And that's just not true. Yeah, you worked hard, I'm not denying that but do you honestly think you're the only one who did?

Spade pauses briefly, before continuing.

I was there too, Dallas... Or Shay, it doesn't matter. I was there too... I worked just as hard as you, if not harder, and I got farther. I did... I shattered that glass ceiling while you were circle-jerking your little buddies in the House of Cards and trying to stumble your way into your next Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. I was planning out every single one of my moves while you were floundering with your busted ankle and pretending that you had an undefeated streak... I was snappin' necks and cashing checks, and you were... Well, you were playing poker, and the cards were never in your favor.

The crowd cheers a little, and Spade continues.

And I'll be the first to admit, that yeah... I never could quite grab that final brass ring. It was always out of my reach, but goddamn did you do it, huh? You nabbed that NGCW Championship and I was proud, Hox, I was... You see, because there was a time that I was getting complacent as well, that I was starting to think that maybe I should try to make some friends instead of some enemies. But while I was proud of you, I hated you at the same time... That was my spot, and it always had been, and you took it... And just like Alex Wolfe, you robbed it from me. And I promised myself it'd never happen again.

So there we were... Over a year after I cracked your head open with a chair, and WWC was opening its doors and letting in new talent. And you came in and you made a name for yourself, that's for sure... But I made a bigger splash than you, and I won the WWC title. And that pissed you off, didn't it? Cuz you started to creep up on me, and run your little mouth... And, well... We all know what happened next.

Jason pantomimes his leg snapping, adding a cracking sound effect with his mouth.

Now, what I did to you wasn't exactly... Ethical. But it wasn't the act of a coward, Shay... Not by a long shot. I'll admit that I felt threatened, but scared? Nah. You're about as threatening as a Cocker Spaniel... But you were coming after me, so I struck first. Cowardly? If you say so... But look at you, all up on your own two feet with your metal leg and lotsa angst to go with it... So I'll tell you what, Hox.

Spade wipes his facepaint off with the back of his hand.

I don't need to hide behind paint. I don't need to hide behind anything... Not paint, and certainly not a dollar store Luchador mask with a star on it. You beat me in the Hail to the King tournament, so kudos to you... But this is WWC, brother, and this is my world.

Spade lays the WWC Championship in front of him as the crowd starts to cheer.

Here's the line, kid... You want a piece of me? Come cross it.

Dallas chuckles and pulls his title out of his pants. He lays it in front of him as the crowd starts to boo.

Well Spade, I don't know about you, but it looks like the world is about to go to war. Do you really think just by wiping off your make up, that makes you the world's greatest badass?

Dallas takes his title off the mat and exits the room from the direction away from the stage. He walks over to the barricade.

Jason, buddy, pal, homeslice breadslice dawg, what goes around comes around, and that's not a bet, it's a guarentee.

Dallas drops the michrophone and jumps over the barricade. He blows a kiss to Jason Spade. Before Dallas can turn to walk away, Spade aims a finger gun at him and winks, before firing it. The camera fades to black.
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PostSubject: Re: WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout   Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:52 am

Camera comes on to show Killian with Kaitelyn. Kaitelyn looks upset.

Hey, baby, what's up?

It's just Nick. He's been more of an asshole as of late.

Yeah, well, he is kind of an ass to everyone. I never liked him.

Well, he's became more of an asshole to me. He started cusing me out and calling me a bitch and shit.

Really? When did this start?

When he won that fucking belt. He gets like this every time he has a title match coming up. He apologizes and blames it on stress.

If he was really sorry, he wouldn't still be doing that. I know if you were my girl I wouldn't treat you like that, but don't worry about him any longer. I will take care of it.

Really? What are you going to do?

What I do best. Well, second best. I'm going to kick his ass.
Kaitelyn starts to smile


I would walk to hell and kick Satan's ass for you.

Killian kisses kaitelyn

I know, I'm good at kissing, but that's not my specialty. Now, where's that asshole boyfriend?

His locker room.

Killian starts to walk to wards Nick's locker room. When he reaches for the handle he stops and looks behind him to see if Kaitlyn followed and she wasn't there. Killian chuckled and smiled. Took a couple steps back and kicked the door in and barges in.


The room in empty accept for one pink suit case that has Kaitelyn sewed into it. Killian is confused and walks out of the room with the suitcase and finds Kaitelyn by the food table grabbing a cupcake.

Kaitelyn. He wasn't in there. There wasn't anything, but your bag. Did he leave you?

Kaitelyn looks at her watch and starts to panic.


Killian hugs her.

It's okay. You can just ride with Chris and I. You can confront him when we get to the arena.

They separate from the hug.

Chris won't mind? I don't want to intrude on anything.

Chris won't care, besides He probaably will have at least 2 girls with him anyways. With Some Canadian Whiskey, but we should be getting going now. Also, don't worry Nick. I will take care of him when I see him.

Okay, let's go then.

They start to walk away and the camera slowly pans out and goes out.
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PostSubject: Re: WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout   

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WWC WARZONE EPISODE 7: Hail to the King and Mayhem Fallout
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