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PostSubject: WWC NETWORK SPECIAL: WWC MAYHEM   Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:52 am

10 Man Battle Royale: First two men enter and every 90 seconds another arrives: The Last one standing will be entered in to tonights main event title match:
Featuring: Dallas Chains: Mathias Grey: CrossBones: Noah Black: James Cross: Craig Sutton : Blake Adams: Zach Smith: Ryan Riley: JT Allen

Extreme Rules Match For the 24/7 Hardcore Championship
Dante McCloud (c) vs Gianluca Martini vs Lucas Samuels

WWC IC Championship Match
Nick Jordan (c) vs Nightmare

WWC Tag Team Championship Match
Bagel Club(c) vs Winner at Warzone 6 for Number 1 Contendership

Fatal 4 Way for the WWC World Championship
Jason Spade (c) vs Cameron Kray vs Damon Wolfe vs Winner of Battle Royale [/b]
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PostSubject: Re: WWC NETWORK SPECIAL: WWC MAYHEM   Sun Jul 24, 2016 11:02 pm



The First Contestant for the Battle Royale will be: DALLAS CHAINS
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Killian Redd

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PostSubject: Re: WWC NETWORK SPECIAL: WWC MAYHEM   Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:13 pm

Camera show Killian backstage talking to Kaitelyn. Killian is in a black and red and Kaitelyn is wearing just a tee shirt and jeans.

DAMN! Girl, you're gorgeous. I must not know you because I will never forget a girl like you.
Kaitelyn smiles
Thank you, but I have a boyfriend.

Is your boyfriend the type to fight a guy who is just being friendly? I just want to be friends. What's your name, beautiful?

Kaitelyn. And My boyfriend is Nick Jordan. What's your name?

My name? I'm Killian Redd, I'm surprised you never heard of me.
Kaitelyn starts to laugh
I know you. You're the guy my boyfriend kicked the shit out to become intercontinental champion. Didn't he throw you around a lot?
Killian chuckles a little
Fake laughter hiding real pain. He didn't kick my ass. Yes, he did throw me around the mat a lot, but he couldn't do that again. That match wasn't one sided though. Besides, I'm one half of the Tag Team Champions. If I wanted, I can kick Nick's ass anytime. But only if you were the prize. Hell, look at me, I got the body of Hercules. And look like Aphrodite. I tell you what. At Mayham, after Chris and I kick The Saviors asses, I will take you out to show you how a real man is like. No offense to Nick, but he just isn't me. You down?
Kaitelyn laughs
Who still says, " you down?" anymore? Yes, I will be "down."
Kaitelyn phone rings
It's Nick, I gotta go. See you around sometime.
She answers the phone and walks away.
See ya.
As Killian starts to walk away the camera shuts off
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Chris Proudfoot

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PostSubject: Re: WWC NETWORK SPECIAL: WWC MAYHEM   Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:00 am

Chris Proudfoot is seen backstage, Cutting a little promo video thing, You know. That shit he always does, he is reading over the card and is smoking a cigarette

hmm, Proudfoot vs Spade, Nope... Proudfoot vs Spade. Nope.. ah here main event..... uh.. What the hell..

What sense does this make, I continued to Beat Up Jason Spade...

First I beat the "Champ" on Project Pro, Then I beat the "Champ" in Warzone. Everytime we face off. I beat up Jason Spade. Now we sit here in His own company, and low and behold. I am not being given the shot to take that title from him. But do you know who is?

Proudfoot points at the name Damon Wolfe

This moron, Spades Butt Buddy. What the hell? I have never seen this moron, not Once open his mouth around here.

And what do I do, I come back, Former Winner of the Brawl Match, I beat the champion two nights In A Row. And my reward? I get to defend my Tag Team Gold. Well isn't that fucking great. That's what you get here for being the Best. While my tag team partners fucking Nicks girlfriend, you know what I'll be doing? I'll be eating a bagel, Eating a bagel and thinking of ways to Beat Up Jason Spade.

This is ridiculous, I get it Spade, I'm not only the guy who beat you here twice, but I Also beat you in one of my first matches in NGCW, Oh I also beat you in the final match of 2k15 in NGCW, and here we are. Me, Beating Up Jason Spade and not being given the Spot I Rightfully deserve

Proudfoot inhales and exhales his smoke

So I suppose, and this Network Special, I walk in, I defeat these "#1 Contenders" if you even want to call them that. I walk out with my half of the tag team titles, Me and Killian eat a Bagel. I take my unfair treatment, and ignore the shot I so clearly deserve. Because these fans really want to see Damon Wolfe vs Spade... Oh and Cameron Kray..

Proudfoot rolls his eyes

You know the truth is, I am the biggest name here. So simply put. Nobody , NOBODY holds a candle to Chris Proudfoot. Not Cameron Kray, Not Jason Spade, Not... That guy who's girl friend Killian is gonna fuck. None of these Morons are Chris Proudfoot. They never will be. Now we ALL know I deserved that shot against Spade, Everybody here knows it.

The Bagel Clubs taking over, this is only a matter of time.

That much is a Fact.

Proudfoot finishes his smoke and walks off camera
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Join date : 2016-04-02
Age : 24
Location : Kansas City MO

PostSubject: Re: WWC NETWORK SPECIAL: WWC MAYHEM   Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:03 pm

Jordan sits in his chair backstage at Mayhem

Were the fuck is she?

Finally Kaitelyn arrives

Its about time were where you?

Uhh, just talking to some friends

Fine whatever we have to get out there

Kaitelyn is not paying attention and seems to be staring t a wall thinking of something else

HEY! CMON, we gotta go!

Oh shittt im sorry babe

Jordan and Kaitelyn finally walk out for there entrance
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