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 WWC Presents: Doomsday

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Mathias Grey

Posts : 214
Join date : 2014-02-13
Age : 26
Location : New York, NY

PostSubject: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:12 am

Main Event
WWC Title
Jason Spade vs. ???

Tag Team Championship Match
The Two Winners of the Tag Team Tourney Semi-Finals Will Face Off For the WWC Tag Team Championship

WWC 24/7 Hardcore Title Match
Dante McCloud vs. J.T. Allen

IC Title #1 Contender Match
Nightmare vs. Jimmy Starr

Tag Team Championship Tourney Semi-Finals
Winner of Tag Team Championship Tourney Match #2 vs. James Cross and Noah Black

Tag Team Championship Tourney Semi-Finals
Winner of Tag Team Championship Tourney Match #1 vs. Gianluca Martini and Ryan Riley

IC Title Match
Nick Jordan vs. Cameron Kray

Tag Team Championship Tourney Match #2
Chris Proudfoot and Killian Redd vs. Dallas Chains and Lucas Samuels

Tag Team Championship Tourney Match #1
Mack Nichols and Apollyon vs. Mathias Grey and ???

Chris Proudfoot Open Challenge Match
Damon Wolfe vs. Chris Proudfoot
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Dallas Chains

Posts : 4
Join date : 2016-05-27

PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:22 am

*Dallas is seen walking out of his shed with a pistol in one hand, and what seems to be an Indian headdress in the other. He comes closer to the camera, and gives a deep breath out.

Howdy Lucas, I know you're listenin.

*Dallas laughs to himself.

Well, you better be, because this is for you. Looks like I underestimated you. Maybe if we go again, I'll take you down, or maybe you're better than me. Honestly boy, that's not our biggest concern right now. You and I, we're partners now, so I'm gonna give you a little gift. You said when you were a young'en, the kids laughed at you when you wanted to play cowboys and Indians. Well, partner, looks like you and I will be playing that game at Doomsday. Us, we'll be the cowboys for, obvious reasons, and Redd and Proudfoot, they'll be the Indians. Now now, art imitates life, because just like the cowboys did to the Indians...

* Dallas throws the headdress on the ground, and shoots it not once, but twice.'s gonna be a slaughter. Manifest Destiny, that's us, yup. Redd, Foot, come and try to change the past, you'll get shot, amigos, or as they say in northern Canada, vous aurez tir, ami. See ya at Doomsday.
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Killian Redd

Posts : 13
Join date : 2016-03-13

PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:34 pm

Camera shows Killian walking out of his shed dressed like a cowboy riding a toy horse. Killian is making horse noises and acts as f he was about to get bucked off the horse,

Whoa there girl, gotta take it easy with me or the camera will miss me. Dallas, I can see why you pretend to be a cowboy it reminds back when I was younger and I would dress up like this and amuse my parents, but I've grown up since then.

Killian breaks the toy horse and rips his cowboy outfit off and he is wearing a nice black and white suit. He begins to walk inside to his Kitchen and begins to make himself a drink.

You see Dallas, I want to like you, but yet you do stupid shit and talk shit about me. If I was an "indian" then you and Lucas would be Lewis and Clark because I'm only furthering your career. Stepping in the ring against me is an honor. Instead of talking shit you should be thanking Chris and I.

Killian downs his drink

Rum is going to be the death of me.

a female in the distance could be heard.

Are you going to keep playing cowboy or are you going to come upstairs for round 3?

Sorry to cut this short, but booty calls, y'kno- never mind no you don't that's why you wear a damn mask.

Killian grabs the bottle of Rum and goes upstairs. Then the camera cuts off.
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Jason Spade

Posts : 31
Join date : 2016-03-10

PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:18 am

A camera fades in to Jason Spade, striking a punching bag repeatedly. He hits it several times with strong punches and kicks, nearly breaking the fabric. He pauses, breathing heavily, before turning to the camera.

"The time has finally come. Doomsday is upon us at last... And I couldn't be more excited."

Spade reaches into his bag and pulls out the WWC World Championship. He smiles at it, before setting it down and pulling lighter fluid out of his bag. He pours it all over the belt, before pulling out a match and setting it on fire.

"For whomever my opponent is, this right here... These flames are your fate. You're gonna burn by my hand, and I'll stand over you smiling... Oh, and don't worry about the belt, higher-ups. I've taken the liberty of grabbing myself a new one."

Spade reaches into his bag and goes to pull something out, but smiles, stopping short.

"You'll have to tune in to see it."
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Cameron Kray

Posts : 26
Join date : 2016-03-09

PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:28 am

*The camera reveals Cameron sitting at his desk with papers spread all over*

Sorry for my recent silence. I've been busy with a recent business venture. It's been so long since I sat in front of a camera for a chat.

*Cameron cracked a smile as he collects the papers*

Speaking of business, let's talk about Nick Jordan. A man who I helped when first arriving in WWC, a man who I respected. Yet that all changed.

*Cameron holds up a piece of paper with the Intercontinental Title on it*

You won this. And ever since that day Nick, What have you done? Made threats towards me? Defaced a sign? That's not how a champion acts. A champion is someone who can be respected, yet your recent actions show that you are clearly nothing more than a disrespectful brat. Now I helped you find your footing here in WWC. I can just as easily sweep you legs out from underneath you. And when I do Nick, I'll drop you on your head. Enjoy your belt Nick. Cause soon............

*Camera focuses on the safe in the background*

.......It will be mine

*Screen fades to black*
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Age : 24
Location : Kansas City MO

PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:22 am

-Jordan Is standing in full gear with the IC Championship on his arm, nothing is said as he stares blankly into a camera-[/b]

-Behind him is revealed the mysterious figure, his girlfriend Kaitelyn Vachon, who stands by his side a wraps a arm around him-

-Jordan Drops his belt and looks one more time at the camera-

Guess who got some new hardware? Me.

-Jordan Turns and walks out, but looks back just revealing his head and upper torso-

Are you ready?
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PostSubject: Re: WWC Presents: Doomsday   

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WWC Presents: Doomsday
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