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 Jason Spade vs. Apollyon

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Mathias Grey

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PostSubject: Jason Spade vs. Apollyon   Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:35 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Jason Spade vs. Apollyon   Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:07 am

Apollyon is standing in a dark basement, lit only by a flickering lamp. The seven foot silhouette of the monster shows that his head is bowed. He slowly looks up, and although the room is barely lit, we can see the glowing of his piercing red eyes glaring back at the camera.

Apollyon: Some call me "The Destroyer". Some call me "The Prince of the Bottomless Pit", some even call me "The King of the Hosts", it doesn't matter what you call me, once you look into my eyes you will realize that the one thing that you cannot call me.... Is human.

Apollyon: I may appear to walk like you, talk like you, pander to societies demands like you.. But believe me I do it by my own choosing. I may look like each and every one of you, but the difference between us is our souls. Yours may be tainted but it is not beyond saving.. Mine is. Mine's way beyond that point. Mine is dark, empty, void of the nuisance which you call emotions.. Sympathy, greed, joy, sadness.. Such tiring concepts.

Apollyon: No, I don't feel these things. I exist for one purpose.. To punish... My job used to be to only punish the sinners who deserve it. It wasn't my choice, but they were the only souls that were given to me.. Not anymore. I escaped that life, now I walk freely amongst all of you. And do you want to know the best part about it? I can punish whoever I like!! Guilty, innocent! It's up to me now!!!.. So Jason Spade... I don't care whether you deserve it or not, tonight you are going to learn the true meaning of torture!! Who knows, maybe I'll send you where I come from!! And where I come from, unless you're "The Prince of the Bottomless Pit", there's no coming back!!!
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Jason Spade

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PostSubject: Re: Jason Spade vs. Apollyon   Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:36 am

A camera clicks on and Jason Spade steps into frame, looking unimpressed.

"I hear nonsense like this so wearily often... 'Oh, I'm a demon from hell, I'm the Devil himself, follow us, fear us, oooh'... Well let me tell ya something, I don't believe in the Devil or demons. I believe in these."

Spade raises his fists to the camera.

"These got me where I am today, and these are gonna keep me where I am. So, Apoclycock or whatever your name is... You wanna play Russian Roulette with the Outlaw of NGCW? The Savior of IWE? The kicker of your ass? Be my guest... I just hope you weren't expecting to have a long and prosperous career.


Spade shoots a finger gun at the camera and the video ends.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Spade vs. Apollyon   Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:26 am

Apollyon is shown pacing in the same dimly lit room as before.

Apollyon: Well, well, well. NGCW's Outlaw? IWE's Savior? The two things that I hate the most, outlaws and saviors.. Outlaws believe themselves to be above the law, which is fine with me. The part that makes me tick is that they think that there will ultimately be no consequences for what they have done.. I AM THE CONSEQUENSES!! There is no outlaw on this earth who I won't eventually punish for all of their wrongdoings. There is no where they can hide. All of the roads lead to my domain.. Unless they are saved..

Apollyon: That's why I hate saviors Jason. They prevent me from punishing the outlaws. If there's one thing on this earth that I hate more than the thought of an unpunished outlaw, it has to be their savior!!! How dare they!! How dare they take away what is rightfully mine!! Outlaws deserve to be punished for what they have done regardless of whether or not they are saved!! AND IT'S MY JOB TO DO IT!!!

Apollyon flips over a table before continuing to pace, he takes a few deep breaths before continuing.

Apollyon: Oh Jason, I feel bad for you really... I knew that it'd be a matter of minutes before I'd find someone who deserves to be punished. This godforsaken earth is full of crooks, criminals, and outlaws of all shapes and sizes. But I thought that I would have to really look hard before finding someone who was brave enough to call themselves a savior.. In a world turned as evil as this, claiming to want to save it is as dangerous as trying to stop those who would see it burned to the ground. Yet here you are.. A man who doesn't mind a target on his back.. Jason Spade, IWE's Savior. NGCW's Outlaw... A Savior and an Outlaw... All... In.... One...

Apollyon: I'm going to enjoy breaking you. You won't be hearing a "bang", just the "snap" of your limbs.
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PostSubject: Re: Jason Spade vs. Apollyon   

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Jason Spade vs. Apollyon
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