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PostSubject: 'The Savior' Mack Nichols   'The Savior' Mack Nichols EmptyWed May 25, 2016 10:53 pm

The camera once again fades to a dark grainy video.

The mysterious figure is standing facing the camera but it is still too dark to recognise details.

A husky voice clears its throat.

"I'll tell you one thing, my father told me growing up. He was an emotional man, was barely home, most of his clothes had bloodstains, didn't know why. One night we were sitting at the dinner table, my mother had cleared the table and left the room. My father says to me, 'Boy, always keep them guessing.', as I glanced over with a stupid grin on my face I noticed him shuffling in his jacket. He draws a pistol and lays it on the table.'Do you trust me?' he moaned at me, I simply nodded and smile as fast as I could blink he picked it up and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened and I laughed and thought this was one big joke but the old man put the pistol back down with a blank face and asked me if I thought it was loaded as it was his turn. I told him... I told him it wasn't loaded and it didn't matter, the lesson was keep them guessing. My father pointed the gun at the wall and pulled the trigger, a hole left in the wall and a fragment in the floor. Never let them in and never show your cards. Always keep them guessing, fearing what your next move may be and you won't have to make moves at all."

The figure walks slightly closer to the camera and smiles as you can slightly make out his crimson face.

"I'll be seeing you all very soon, I will stake my claim to complete domination. I'm not talking wins, losses and shaking hands breeders and filth, understand absolute annihilation and I will take my place at the top of this company... to those who wish to contest myself, you can stand by blissfully or leave decaying."

The video cuts away with the camera dropping with gasping breathe although it gets cut before it finishes.
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'The Savior' Mack Nichols
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