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 Promo of the Week

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Mathias Grey

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Promo of the Week  Empty
PostSubject: Promo of the Week    Promo of the Week  EmptyWed May 11, 2016 11:24 am

@Jimmy Starr wrote:
The camera starts off strong with a loud "slap" directly to the lens... except the slap to the lens makes the sound one would expect a slap to skin to make. The camera inverts and zooms out to reveal Jimmy Starr laying in a hospital bed.

Jimmy Starr: What the... what the devil?

A hospital aide, presumably the man who slapped Starr--that's an interesting tactic to wake someone up--begins speaking.

Aide: Hey, uh... Jimmy! You're awake! We really didn't know when you would... if ever...

Jimmy Starr: What in the bloody hell are you talking about?

Starr reaches for his nuts.

Jimmy Starr: And why the blue devil does my nutsack feel as if it was violated by the legs of a horse?

Aide: Well, let's just say... I have a lot to tell you.

The aide puts his hand on Starr's shoulder and the screen cuts to black. Seemingly some time in the future, the cameras return as Starr is now sitting upright.

Jimmy Starr: So, you mean to tell me that... I'm a pro wrestler?

Aide: Yes, among other things.

Jimmy Starr: And another wrestler touched my big boy parts?

Aide: Mhm.

Jimmy Starr: And because of that match, which was total bullshit, I'm broker than a teen mom?

Aide: I don't see any evidence to the contrary.

Jimmy Starr: I don't know how to feel about this. It's a lot to take in.

Aide: It is a lot to bare. Let it settle in a little bit--wouldn't want you too stressed.

Jimmy Starr: Who the hell do you think you are? Dr. Phil?

Aide: Well, no, but--

Jimmy Starr: But nothing! Shut the fuck up, little bitch. Thinking you can tell me what's what. The only thing more full of shit than you is your Christmas stocking when Santa takes a fucking dump because you aren't even worth a pile of coal you little scumbag. Fuck out of here!

The aide wisps himself away. Starr collects his thought.

Jimmy Starr: Wow, sounds like I threw down some, uh, serious cash on that match. Most people would count their fortunes lost... Me? I'm the finest example of a money-maker. I'm innovative. I've apparently spat some money down the tubes but fuck it. It'll all be back next week. Monetize some assets, accrue some capital, buy some stocks, sell some stocks, my accounts will skyrocket in no time.

Starr smiles.

Jimmy Starr: Soon, I'll have enough money to buy WWC itself. But hey, who's to say I'd even want it? On the other hand..

Evil laugh.

Screen fades out.
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Mathias Grey

Posts : 214
Join date : 2014-02-13
Age : 27
Location : New York, NY

Promo of the Week  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Promo of the Week    Promo of the Week  EmptyThu May 19, 2016 11:41 pm

@Shay Hoxton wrote:
The camera comes in to a WWC house show, where to practice their match, Damon Wolfe (managed by Shay Hoxton) have just defeated a local talent. As Damon gets the 3 count, his theme begins to play, but is cut off early by Shay stepping into the ring with a mic in hand. He's wearing black romeos, blue jeans, and an official WWC shirt. He clears his throat as the theme ends, and he pats Wolfe on the back.

"Good job Damon, five stars. Howdy ladies and lasses, my name is, ah screw it, you know my name. This week, WWC brings you Proudfoot appreciation night, and on the card, we bring you The Great Shay Hoxton and his young partner, Damon Wolfe vs two creatures of pure fear in honor of the great Chris Proudfoot. That's what Mathias Grey has said about this match, but let's look into the facts. We have the Tri-Crown Champion and his hungry partner against two wannabe beasts hoping that their size will scare the opponents so bad that they won't fight back. Why? Because when you calculate the talent of both Apollyon and Nightmare, you get nothing but size, and I've proven time and time again that size doesn't matter."

Shay and Damon get cat called by the audience.

"Now, I'm a lazy man, but when I put in the effort, I'm more unstoppable than Trump in the Republican primary. Hell, he's better than Hilary, but I'm getting off track. When I care enough to pour my time into a fight, I either beat my opponent, or we both die. Stephen Johnson, Adam Ashes, Alex Wolff, Frazza B, Lucifer Thorne... Jason Spade. All these names are people I've actually taken seriously, and I've always gotten the last laugh. Their are people like Killian Redd, Justin Harlin, and Chris Aaron that have beaten me, and they consider it career highlights. Me? I consider it my relaxation period, but I ain't relaxing now. Not here, not with so much on the line
I've slacked for so long, I've been seen as an old dog passing the torch. I'm only 26, I have DECADES left in me, and it's time to get back to work. Apollyon and Nightmare are two 'men' who play on fear, but after I've lost all my credibility due to laziness, I've got nothing to lose. Wolfe here, he also has nothing to lose. He's been in WWC for such a short time, he will fight anyone to get to the top. Turns out, when Apollyon and Nightmare fight guys like us, they have nothing they can do."

Shay hands the mic to Damon, and paces in the ring. Damon says nothing, so Shay takes the mic back.

"I've spent too long in this business to piss away my place on the card. I've worked too hard to fall to my own demons, hell no. I've stared into Satin's eyes, and I spit in his face. Everything I've done, it won't be lost to truantsy, and there's only one way to prove that. At Proudfoot Appreciation Night, Shay Hoxton and Damon Wolfe will demolish Apollyon and Nightmare, and that's not a bet, it's a guarantee. Hit that music."

Look Pimpin begins to play as Shay drops the mic. The two men exit the ring.
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Promo of the Week
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